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anyone still having problems getting yahoo email?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by droiduser123, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. droiduser123

    droiduser123 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone out there still having problems setting up yahoo email from free service?

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  2. mvMcfly

    mvMcfly Lurker

    I just got my Droid today. I have not yet successfully set up my free yahoo mail.
  3. saltysteve

    saltysteve Member

    YES! my email sucks!!!!! i never get it and have to refresh to get get it and most of the time that doesnt even work! it is horrible! even my texts are not good. sometimes i have people telling me oh i sent you that last night and my phone is just getting it now?

    storm was slow but a million times better for email and messaging!!

    please tell me there is a fix!!
  4. stepduck

    stepduck Lurker

    I haven't been able to setup my yahoo email or my Charter.net email (my local cable service provider). Can anyone help?????
  5. Hockymom63

    Hockymom63 Newbie

    I was told by verizon when i asked them to set up my yahoo mail like they did with my Blackberry and they said since the Droid is google OS it doesn't support yahoo mail. I already had a gmail but never used it i changed my yahoo acct. to forward any mail and i am getting all my email and notifications, But its only for 30 days.
    Hope this post doesn't find any of you that questioned this too late.:D

    They also said i could get premium yahoo for my email but thats not the free one.
  6. messyhead

    messyhead Member

    I've got my yahoo mail set up ok. I had been using it with the native email app, and it was receiving emails from my inbox. But I didn't like that it didn't show all my folders (unless there's a way of getting it to do this I don't know about), but I'm now using the Yahoo Mail Mobile app and it's pretty good.
  7. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    there is a yahoo mobile app for android?
  8. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie

    LEAVE YAHOO ALONE!!..But seriously all jokes aside, why dont you just switch over to gmail for all the benefits it brings(Contact syncing, push email, etc) its the only logical step when owning an android device.
  9. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    gmail can also automatically log into your yahoo mail and forward all messages instantly to your gmail. This made the switch for me very easy.
  10. how do i set it up to do this?

    i have imported all of my email, contacts, etc. but gmail tells me that it will only import the emails for 30 days.
  11. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    It tells you that but, for me at least it has kept doing it. The function is under settings -->accounts/imports.
  12. fredphoesh

    fredphoesh Newbie

    hi guys,

    Ive got an HTC Touch HD running eclair (kinda!) and my yahoo account worked first time, no probs, but its a paid account $15 a year or so and worth it.

    personally i love the android integration with gmail, but cant stand gmail on the web, horrible interface, message threading forced on you is unbearable... a pity really, so hence yahoo mail.

  13. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    I use the native email app and have a free yahoo account. I use the IMAP settings under the moment forum and it is fine for me. i can view all folders as well. just can't move from one folder to another.
  14. Medications

    Medications Lurker

    This link explains how to set up your yahoo mail on your droid, works fine for me.:

    Motorola Droid - Setting Up Yahoo Mail IMAP | Mobile Technology Deals and Help

  15. its almost exactly the same as the link posted above, but i followed the instructions in this link:

    Setting up Email on DROID - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    only difference was the port for outgoing. when i changed it, it didnt work. when i left it, it worked.

    free yahoo email is now fully functional.

    one more thing. it only works with 3g turned on and wifi turned off. if both are on it will not work. if only wifi is on, it will not work.
  16. pavirotten

    pavirotten Android Enthusiast

    I have successfully set up my free Yahoo! and Hotmail e-mail accounts on my Eris. It was a little confusing to set up for a couple of days, until I just Googled the problem.

    The Yahoo! was a straightforward set-up, while the Hotmail was trial and error in setting up the SMTP server information. In all, I may have spent a total of three hours in setting both up.
  17. Hockymom63

    Hockymom63 Newbie

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  18. mvMcfly

    mvMcfly Lurker

    I don't know why, but when I switched to "Classic View" on Dolphin/default browsers, Yahoo Mail started working properly.
  19. miltk

    miltk Well-Known Member

    i didn't like the gui when i set up yahoo. i use mobile yahoo instead,,,it has a really clean ui. PLUS, yahoo + gmail is just wayyy too many alerts sounding off on my phone.

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