Anyone stream internet radio on the move?

The ability to stream internet radio through my car stereo is one of life's little pleasures for me. I've been using Xiia Live (Lite) for a couple of weeks now and I’m quite impressed that it offers all of the stations that I regularly listened to on my previous phone. However, on a 30 minute drive to work, the feed drops around 10 to 15 times which makes it virtually un-listenable.

Previously I listened to the same stations over the same network (3 UK) on a Nokia N95 using the Nokia Internet Radio app and it would drop twice at the most during the same journey. What I’d like to know is - is it the Xiia Live app that is at fault or is it the Desire’s failure to hold onto a signal?

I guess I would be able to answer the first question myself by trying a different app such as RadioTime, which I will get around to doing this week but I would still like to know if anyone else streams on the move and gets the same problem? Listening at home over Wi-Fi I don’t get any drop outs so I’m kinda thinking it’s the phone’s fault.


I walk and listen to the streaming radio, and I have tried Xiia and streamfurious. Xiia used to be OK dropping occasionally but since the update a few days ago its become unusable for me.

I dont think it helps that im on T-Mobile which I find to have poor coverage even here in NW London.