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Anyone switch from M8?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ekyle, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I was going to get opinions on the Turbo from people who switched to it from the M8. Mainly the camera. I'm assuming the battery life will be superior. I played with one briefly at the store and the camera seemed sluggish but overall looked okay with the store's lighting.

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  2. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    huh...I was thinking of adding M8 to the looking list...:thinking:

    Or at least the rumor of the new one...
  3. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I like the M8 but eh camera is a hit lacking I think. It isn't bad I was just l9oking for something more when getting pictures of my kids. Something I can crop.

    I also wanted to run Cyanogen but doing that on the MTD would drop most of the useful Moto X-like features. might go back to the store and use it again tomorrow.

    Maybe I'm just being picky...
  4. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    No way anybody can be to picky buying a phone. I have been searching for about two months and really haven't hit on anything that I HAVE to have. MTD is currently the phone I am researching a ton on but other than speed I am not seeing to much more it offers over mine. That is until some of the new adopters get some charge cycles on their batteries to see if it gets even close to 48. I would be happy to see 40 hours honestly.

    Jury is out on the camera. It has a new sensor (sony) but the Moto X had (I never witnessed, just read) a pretty bad camera from reviews. I have the DNA and its a questionable camera too. As much as I dislike iCrap (Wifes phone) its the only one I have found/played with that has a really nice camera.

    I think you really should go back and play with the camera more. Really only you can decide if its a worth while change.
  5. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Very true. I'm going back today. The camera is the thing I miss most about my iPhone (which my wife now has).
  6. ALurker

    ALurker Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd chime in on this. I bought the new Moto X after reading all the reviews on the camera. Most said it was average at best but I am happy with it.

    I can't carry a separate camera everywhere I go but with two young kids I still want to take pictures so my phone has to have a usable camera. I came from the GS4 and the X is just as good or better IMO. I wouldn't call it great and I'm sure it's not as good as the Note 4 or new iPhones but it takes pretty good pictures and it is very fast. I rarely if ever take a bad picture.

    I briefly played with the Turbo and the speed seems noticeably slower, but the pictures look pretty good. If it is as good as the X then I would be happy with it.
  7. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    Since you started at the iPhone and the camera is what you liked most I bet you are going to be hard pressed to "match" it. And like you agree, its just a matter of testing them. I would recommend bringing your other camera phones and take pictures of the same thing and see if you can get the MDT pictures emailed to your account so you can compare tham at home without a sales person breathing down your neck.

    The camera is the one feature my wife loves on her iCrap. However hers seems to have been built on a Friday afternoon right before shift change as I have had to replace the battery twice, the volume rocker once and the power button once. To me the Apple build quality is crap.

    That being said seems to be an isolated instance to me. I will not be buying another Apple product based on that and when I personally can't repair the phone it will be shredder material. Can't even imagine what it would have cost me to replace those parts at some repair shop.
  8. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input everyone :) I'm thinking the slower save speeds are from the higher resolution. I'm heading over to VZW after lunch and I'll see what I can find out.
  9. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    Sweet. Let us know how it goes. I am so very much on the fence right now.
  10. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well... I caved and bought it. Traded in my M8. So far I'm loving the camera. Single image captures are a touch slower than the M8 but burst mode handles fine. So far images are better. Even in low light. The sensory features are nice abs so are the notification features. Turbo charging is working as advertised. Battery life is impressive too. Again, this is only after 5 hours. I'll post back in a couple of days to share how it's going.
  11. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    Glad to hear it might fit the bill for ya! Definitely let us know how the battery hold out for you
  12. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Droid Turbo Log: Day 1...

    So far I like it. It's 1900 right now and I'm usually around 25-30% on my M8 by now and I'm at 62% with the MTD. Not bad for the first day. My past experiences with Moto devices is that the battery gets a little batter after a few charge cycles so I'm even more hopeful for that.

    The device is super snappy. Tap and it's done. The bloatware situation isn't too bad but I'm still looking forward to root so I can de-bloat some of it. Again, nothing too horrible.

    I did notice that my screen usage was rather high in my battery stats. I think the "reach for it" gesture that wakes the screen was turning it on in my pocket and sucking down the battery harder than a collapsed star so I turned that feature off. One more reason I think my battery will fare even better tomorrow.

    I just noticed today actually that this phone doesn't have a notification LED. Having owned an iPhone in the past, it isn't a big deal but I didn't expect it so I thought I'd point that out.

    Camera so far is great in low-,mid-, and high-light situations. So far, living up to my expectations. I haven't had a chance to do any action shots with it yet (the family had a lazy weekend). The feature that will open the camera when you twist your wrist twice while the phone is off is super-convenient and awesome.

    I'll come back tomorrow night, but so far so good. I'm not regretting trading in my M8 for the MTD at all.
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  13. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    Very nice report. Glad its meeting your needs so far!
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  14. chrisdpratt

    chrisdpratt Lurker

    I switched from the M8 to the Turbo the day it was released. I was getting absolutely terrible battery life with my M8, so I figured even if the 2-day battery life claim didn't materialize, I should at least get a full day. And, I have. I get at least a full day with the Turbo, usually a day and a half. I use my phone pretty heavily and when I take it off the charger at 7am I'm usually down to 50-55% by the time I get home from work at 5pm. For comparison, I would often have to charge my M8 at work to make it through the day.

    The M8 was my first Android phone, and while Sense is supposedly one of the better manufacturer skins, the near stock Turbo is such a joy to use in comparison. It's noticeably faster than the M8, of course due partially at least to better specs, but it truly is buttery smooth. The screen is fantastic. I did have a slight yellowing of the screen at first, but I think that was just due to it being hot off the presses. It has since subsided.

    Anyways, if you're on the fence, I'd say make the leap. The Turbo blows the M8 out of the water. Aside from possibly the Nexus 6, the Turbo is the best Android device on the market right now, and for me, personally, I don't think I could deal with the Nexus 6's larger screen. The 5.2" display of the Turbo is about as large as I can go.

    Also, the camera, since you asked, seems quite nice. I don't use it heavily, but its noticeably better than the M8's and has far better resolution when zoomed. Never could get a clear zoomed shot with the M8. The M8 does have far more controls, though, if you care more about things like tweaking exposure and such.
  15. chrisdpratt

    chrisdpratt Lurker

    Oh man, that twist wrist twice to open camera feature is a freaking dream. I love it, and so brilliantly convenient. If the camera aspect of your phone matters to you, I'd almost recommend the Turbo just for that.
  16. KidCiroc

    KidCiroc Lurker

    I agree!
  17. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've already been utilizing that feature a ton. It's great!

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