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Anyone tethering iPad?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Itsokajishere, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Itsokajishere

    Itsokajishere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, new to this forum. I am currently a 3GS user but highly interested in the new evo recently released. I like the idea of making my phone a hotspot with the 4G connection. Has anyone used there evo to tether iPad? If so is it a pretty fast connection on the iPad once connected? Thank you in advance.

  2. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Member

    I purchased the Incredible but did not have a good experience. After 25 days I finally decided to return it. In between the time I returned it and purchasing the EVO I loaded MyWi on the iPhone for my iPad. It worked pretty well although drained the battery pretty quick.

    I was skeptical about the EVO. The incredible felt cheap and I had all sorts of bugs in the OS (lots of crashing, apps eating battery, etc). I didn't pre-order. However, I walked into a Radio Shack this afternoon and they had a few so I purchased one. The hotspot feature is quite usable. I've used it on both 4G and 3G... To my surprise it is actually really fast even on 3G. In fact, I don't notice a huge different between the two. Latency is something you must contend with on the mobile network (the time it takes from clicking 'go' to the time it starts to render the page). However, I'd almost argue it is as snappy as my cable modem and here in Austin, TX we have excellent home internet service.


    The long answer to your question: I've been pleasantly surprised at the performance. WiMax (the technology) will get limited coverage inside buildings. Unless you're close enough to get cancer from the antenna don't expect too much. But, again, I'm quite impressed with Sprints 3G coming from an iPhone 3GS (AT&T).

    Hope that helps!
  3. Itsokajishere

    Itsokajishere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Gave me a pretty good idea. So the speeds are faster on 3G sprint than AT&T? I wouldn't expect that I'm definitely going to have to play with a demo in store.
  4. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Member

    I'm a network engineer by trade so my understanding of all these 'speeds' and such is probably more in depth than the average Joe. While I'm not going to argue that 'speed' isn't a factor in overall user experience most people don't realize that speed is only one small fraction of the puzzle. In fact, in mobile devices latency is a far bigger factor in your 'experience'. Yes... data getting to your phone faster is important but a single web hit can require several DNS queries and multiple hits to different servers ... all asking for small tidbits of data. Most traffic from mobile devices is really many hits for small data. (That is a generalization to some degree but mostly accurate). This kind of traffic benefits from many other things that aren't related to overall speed.

    Anyway, my point... speed tests are kinda important but a provider's network can be a big factor as well. You'll have a hard time finding folks in the networking field that will argue that Sprint isn't one of the kings in data. You'd be surprised how many internet packets cross their network. Most people don't realize how many long-haul circuits Spring is responsible for...

    Albeit AT&T has their hand in that cookie jar as well... but I'd argue Sprint has them beat.

    Anyway... tangent I suppose.. but, just know that speed tests aren't everything. Grab any phone and decide if the 'experience' is right for you. Do things 'seem' fast. Perception is far more important than the numbers of those tests. =)
  5. devobail

    devobail Newbie

    I bought the wifi only ipad and waited for the Evo for this very reason. First thing I did was hook it up to the hotspot, it works great! Now I've got access to all the sites i enjoy at work without dealing with the companies stupid firewalls lol

    Sent from my Evo 4G
  6. bossxii

    bossxii Member

    110% agree with Benjamin7062... ATT's 3G here in KC does run on avg (where I use it) from .75 to 1.8mb consistently. The issue is latency and UPloads are typically horrible. Latency under 500 is rare, up speeds more than 200 or 250 doesn't happen.

    With my new EVO it is my first time using Sprint, I can tell you the speed is .7 to 1.2 mb down, latency (ping) 120ms to 150's is the norm with upload speeds nearing DL at .5 to .9mb. The end result IMO is a faster browsing, email and general web use experience while the ATT side has a slight edge is you stream video it starts a bit slower, but seems to dowload a bit faster, whereas on the Sprint 3G it more uniform, doesn't seem to "stall" out.

    The tests I've done on 4G have been very impressive running on avg. 3+ mb down and 1mb down with the same consistent pings, in the low to mid 100's.

    Overall happy I made the switch as my JB iPhone I used to tether on was a PITA to keep setup and running. Not to mention the iPhone ran hot and only had maybe 2 hours of battery life with light use, stream video and it's gone in 90 mins tops. I have not had a full day to test the Evo battery but after a 2 hour session of forums, surfing and maybe 30 mins of Youtube I was well over 50% left.
  7. bluehaze013

    bluehaze013 Well-Known Member

    EVO is the fastest Tether to iPad I have used so far. It is way faster than using the tether on my Nexus was. Not sure exactly what the difference is as I only get about 200mbps more on Sprint 3g than I was getting on T-Mobile but the difference is night and day everything just loads quickly it doesn't get stuck halfway through a page and then start again, it's really similiar to being on Wifi connected to my desktop (Comcast).
  8. myersn024

    myersn024 Newbie

    I've ben tethering both my iPad and my laptops to my Evo, and it's been working really well. I don't have 4G in my area yet, but speed tests show Sprint's 3G network to be faster than my DSL as far as download speeds go. The latency is a little higher, but I'm actually considering dropping my home internet connection and just using the phone's hotspot functionality.
  9. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    I've been tethering my iPad over 3G, and it works really well. Netflix on the go!
  10. Neon8

    Neon8 Member

    Ipad tethering with evo works great. Speed depends on signal. In my house i get 2 bars downstairs and 4 bars upstairs. 2 bar speed about 0.5 mbs and 4 bar 1.2 mbs. I do think the latency is big factor. Despite speed test pages load about the same as when on my home network with 20 mbs. Have not tried video streming yet.
  11. KristenI

    KristenI Newbie

    I would like to tether my iPad with my evo, how would I go about doing that? Thanks
  12. Neon8

    Neon8 Member

    Easiest way is with sprint mobile hotspot but costs $ 30/month. There also apps like pdanet. Search the forum for how to use those apps. With sprint hotspot just turn on, configure security. In ipad go to settings , wifi and you should see evo in list of networks and connect like any network.
  13. I am tethering iPad to Evo. Works great and much faster than tethering to iPhone 3GS on ATT via MyWi app. AT&T was mad slow. Sold iPhone and love Evo. Evo ANC WIFI iPad great combination.
  14. Wrxdrunkie

    Wrxdrunkie Member

    Anyone else have speed issues tethering with the ipad?

    I get good 4g reception at my house, about 8mbps, when I tether to the ipad I get 500kbps down and 50kbps up.

    Has been this way since day one. I wonder how the clear ispot compares with its speeds.

    I am kicking myself in the butt not picking up the clear ispot at $29 if my evo tethering is going to give me slow speeds like this.
  15. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    I wouldn't doubt it at all if Apple is somehow stifling the speed. The iPad and the Evo are strange bedfellows.....they generally work very well together.
  16. rbombardiere

    rbombardiere Lurker

    I have my evo and I'm purchasing my Ipad today, do I need to purchase and adapter to go from usb to micro usb to the phone. I use the phone now with my computer and it works great but I like the ipad for when I travel... Thank you...
  17. rbombardiere

    rbombardiere Lurker

    I have an Evo and rooted it today, my iPad finds it and connects but when I try to grouse it tells me that it not connected. Is there a setting I have to change to browse.. I get an ip address and a subnet mask address but no router or dns numbers. Hope you guys can help me...

    Thank you
  18. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    RB, if you are using the Wireless Tether app from the market, this is a known issue. There is likely nothing wrong with your iPad or your phone. You need to find a version of Wireless Tether that works for you. There are different .apk out there in cyberspace. Maybe you can google "wireless tether .apk" and try until you get one to work....I just don't have time to spoonfeed you fight now....sorry. Make sure you remove the previous app before you try the next one....
  19. stompyevo

    stompyevo Well-Known Member

    have not seen anywhere if it is possible to tether evo and Ipad without rooting, i am getting a Ipad for Christmas and would like to have it working without rooting.
  20. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    Not a problem....$30.00 a month will activate the hotspot feature...
  21. Gophert

    Gophert Member

  22. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    I rooted my EVO and use the free wireless tether .13 version with my iPad 3G with no real problems. I get speeds mostly 1M but sometimes 2M down and 1/2M up.

    I want to add though that for streaming Netflix, WT stops after about 30-40 minutes then you have to exit and restart WT. You don't lose your place in the movie but it can be a buzzkill if at a good scene.
  23. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    hey... look at this:

    the LG Optimus S can use wifi tether without root!!! download a software app that turns the function back on.

    not sure if it will work on EVO or other phones. only way to know is to try.
  24. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    All that app does it seems is turn the tethering option on and off, no different than doing it without it from the settings.

    I tried it last night and it takes me to the same error screen I get when turning tethering on without the app. It did not work on my EVO and Sprint.

    RUMOR but I heard the reason it works for some is certain providers give tethering free the first 30 days with new phones.
  25. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    you tried... and now we know.... it dont work for evo

    to bad

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