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Anyone trading for a Galaxy S III?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PhilosoRaptor, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm really debating on trading/selling my (Verizon) Gnex for the GS III when it comes out later this month.

    I do love my Gnex and haven't really had any of the signal issues that at lot of people complain about. I'm rooted and it's cool having a crazy list of ROMs and tweaks to choose from for it. But this next-gen hardware is a considerable leap in specs compared to our Gnex. It seems like the S III will be more than twice as fast and it even has double our RAM (2GBs vs our 1 GB), all while having a significant improvement in battery life too (which is really the only thing I'm somewhat disappointed with in the Gnex)!

    Another reason why I'm considering it is now that Verizon will soon be implementing their shared data plans, cutting off customers from grandfathering over their unlimited data plans on future phone upgrades/contract renewals, I think I'm going to just start upgrading my phone every 6-8 months or so. Just so it doesn't seem like I have to pay as much when I go to buy a new phone unsubsidized. I hope to get $400 or so for my Gnex and its accessories, making the S III's upgrade price difference around $200 (16GB) or $250 (32GB) plus tax. I figure I will do the same thing when the next Nexus phone comes out at the end of the year if it comes to Verizon again.

    I'll make my decision though when the phone has been out for a couple weeks and I've seen every review and peoples impressions of it on the forums (as I do before I purchase almost anything phone/gadget related). I'm hoping the S III has similar battery life likes its international Exynos-based variant, but even if it's closer to the One X (which has the same S4 SoC), it should still be a decent improvement over the Gnex.

    So thoughts/opinions? :)

  2. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    My opinion is that it's not a huge leap. The CDMA version is going to have a dual core 1.5 gig processor vs 1.2? ? My GNex running AOKP and Nova is as smooth as an iPhone. What would the extra .3 get me? The screen is essentially the same (1280x1024) just stretched .5".

    Please don't take this as me belittling the s3. I'm totally not. It is essentially the great phone that the GNex is.

    I guess if my NE2 was up right now and I was looking at the GNex and the s3 I would choose the s3 because it's newer. But that's it.
  3. Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor Android Expert

    Both good phones... However main advantage of GS3 is S4 SoC @ 28nm should = substantial improvements in battery life.
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  4. snuggles

    snuggles Android Enthusiast

    Nope, waiting for the 5.3 screen :)
  5. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    You mean phablet like galaxy note?

    HTC is rumored to be readying Note competitor coming this Fall with 5.3" full HD screen, quad S4 Pro (adreno 320 GPU). And Sammy is probably preparing Note 2 with 5.5" full HD screen, Exynos 5250 for Q4 too. I hope verizon is getting those phablet phones.
  6. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    They're both completely different CPU architectures that you can't compare just based on clock speeds alone. If the S4 was running at 1.2 GHz, it would still out-bench and out-perform the Gnex by almost double across the board. This coupled with it being a smaller die process, it uses less power and produces less heat while performing twice as fast. So any way you slice it, it's definitely a huge leap. The largest in the last year at least since the Galaxy S II launched with its Exynos dual-core. Also, they've actually tweaked the SAMOLED HD display on the S III since the Gnex too. They've closed the gap in between the sub-pixels to make IQ a bit sharper and raised the brightness considerably. So it's at least a slight improvement over the Gnex's display.

    That's actually one thing I'm somewhat concerned about with the GS III; it being too big. The Gnex is the absolute largest I can stand to use comfortably. I'm hoping the GS III isn't noticeably larger despite its slightly larger display.

    Anyways, you'll be waiting until the end of the year for another Note or competitor to it. I know HTC is developing something that size and releasing it at some point this year too (on Verizon when the last the news leaked).
  7. nope. no thanks to touchwhiz, and a physical (cheap looking) button.
  8. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I know most people like to hate on custom UIs, but TW actually seems pretty decent on the S III, IMO. If you've watched/read many of the reviews, most of them praise TW much more so than Sense or any of the other OEM UIs. I think the Smart Stay (where the phone won't turn the display off if you're looking at it), Picture-in-Picture video and camera app (esp the rapid-fire shutter that they copied from Sense 4) make nice improvement to ICS. The launcher is highly customizable too. So it seems a lot more intuitive and less intrusive than previous iterations to me.

    But yeah, I feel you on the physical button. I really wish they would have went with the on-screen nav bar like the Gnex. I think that will actually be what I miss the most about the Gnex. It baffles me as to why they chose to stick with the old button and capacitive buttons. Having on-screen buttons allows you to dedicate more area to the display, customize your nav bar (if you're rooted - I think that should be a stock feature though) and they hide when you're viewing media, so it's not like they're wasting display area.

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