Anyone use a tripod with their phone?


A few weeks ago I purchased this mini tripod for my phone:

Tripod CAMERA Stand Holder For Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100 | eBay

Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the "i9100" part and after receiving it realized it didn't fit. If it was just a few millimeters bigger it would have but alas it wasn't. So then I went back to ebay and did a search for my phone with my model (i777) and came up with a product that looks identical:

TRIPOD STAND Camera Holder 4 AT&T Samsung Attain Galaxy S2 II 2 SGH-i777 | eBay

The problem is I have a sneaky suspicion that it is the exact same product that I had bought previously and that the person that is listing it is just making an assumption that it does fit.

So here I am in need of one but unsure if the next one I buy will fit or not. I'm hoping there is someone else on this forum that has one and can point me to where they got it so I don't have to be the guinea pig and lose more money/time on another one that doesn't fit. Anyone have one?