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Anyone use the front facing camera for video chat?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bugeyeblue, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. bugeyeblue

    bugeyeblue Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I wanted to know before maybe getting one of these phones if anyone has used Skype or any apps like that to do any video calls. Is it choppy or smooth? I used tango a long time ago on an older android phone and it was pretty bad. Just wondering if there's anything new or improved in this area as far as apps go.

  2. christ_oh_fur

    christ_oh_fur Newbie

    I tried out Skype with my mom just the other night. She said on her end the picture quality was better than when I use my MacBook. Currently the Rezound is not an officially supported device but you can still use it and it works pretty smoothly in my opinion. I'm sure it will only get better once they add official support. I haven't tried video on Talk or another apps yet though.

    Also will depend on your area, but the 4G here is faster than my apartment's Wifi so it's like my Rezound is my best bet for video calls.
  3. thornev

    thornev Android Enthusiast

    I skyped with my daughter. Amazing.
  4. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Android Enthusiast

    Google talked with my daughter last night. Works better than any video chat I've ever used.
  5. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Android Enthusiast

    I've used Skype and google+. Either works perfectly fine on both ends. No video stutter/lag but skype lags voice for me.
  6. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    Its incredible. Less lag then my laptop which is quad core.
  7. bugeyeblue

    bugeyeblue Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I hate to do this on the android forums, but how does using Skype on the rezound compare to using FaceTime on iOS? I only ask because that's what I use now, and my wife and I like to use video chatting a lot because we have a young baby in the house and sometimes want to show each other something the baby is doing.
  8. SamXp

    SamXp Android Enthusiast

    Used it on Google Hangout several times and it is great! Audio can be a little funky at times.
  9. Cares

    Cares Android Enthusiast

    I've used G+ Hangout and Google Talk before. Not frequently though but it works great :)
  10. slaroche

    slaroche Newbie

    My wife has an iPhone 4s and she does Facetime with her BFF. There is no comparison between Facetime and whatever app (Tango, Google Talk, Skype) you choose. Facetime is amazing. One thing about apple is that they don't release a product or feature until it is thoroughly tested. They nailed Facetime for sure. It is absolutely smooth and the audio is in sync with mouth movement. The other interesting feature is Facetime's ability to have 2-way conversation. Meaning, you can be talking while the other person is talking and both hear what each other are saying (like being on a land-line phone conversation). I'm not sure what that deficiency is called in the cell phone world, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about (the one way conversation style).

    Anyway, I've got the Rezound and my wife and I use Tango to video chat. It works ok as long as she's on a wifi network. If she's on 3g it ain't so great...but serviceable. It is NOTHING like Facetime. I was floored when I saw that for the first time last week. Only drawback is that you can't use it over 3g...and I'd doubt you'd want to (probably be just like Tango). If iPhone 4s was 4g capable, I'm sure the mobile Facetime feature would be unlocked and be sweet. Maybe iPhone 5....
  11. jim165

    jim165 Lurker

    So Slaroche, you're saying that your wife's Iphone's Facetime quality is great on WiFi but on 3g it's not that great?
    My Rezound offers very good sound/video quality to my wife's DroidX when I tested it last night on Wifi using Tango. There wasn't too drastic of differnce in quality when on 4G either. I hear very good comments about the Iphone face time app, I'm just trying to get clarification...

    Edit: Disregard...I re-read your post. I suppose the Tango app is not as efficient as Face Time, especially on 3G..
  12. slaroche

    slaroche Newbie

    You can't even use Facetime on 3G. It's disabled unless you're on wifi. I believe if you're using Tango or whatever between two Rezounds over 4G, the experience would be great...however, I haven't been able to test that. Like I said, Tango between my wife's iPhone (on 3G...not wifi) and my Rezound (on 4G) is serviceable...but not idea. And nothing compares to the Facetime app on wifi between two iPhones. Incidentally, you can only use Facetime between iPhones.
  13. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    I saw/played with Tango the other day. i saw the icon on the wife's phone and asked what it is. She said it's so that she can see where the kid is (or is not supposed to be... whatever). So I tangoed the kid from one furniture to the other furniture (we're in the same family room/den area ha ha) and this Tango is pretty awful. bye
  14. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Android Enthusiast

    Tango blows goats.
  15. jim165

    jim165 Lurker

    Ahh, that's clear now, thanks...
  16. ReUp

    ReUp Newbie

    Gtalk works great. I use it everyday

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