Anyone use the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ yet?


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I luckily found a Staples location nearby to purchase a 16gb N7, and I plan on purchasing this keyboard from Amazon. Has anyone used it with the N7 yet?

Here's the link: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ (920-003390): Electronics

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I'll be using the N7 as a laptop replacement, essentially. I have a desktop, not a great one but just fine for now, but I want to spend more time out of the house. I figure writing emails and short posts and other communication isn't going to be so awful within limits if I have this size keyboard.

Anyone think it's not worth it?


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I guess I found my answer: Nerdacious: Nexus 7 review

Pretty much exactly what I was thinking.

I don't think it would replace my laptop but I do like his setup.



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The Logitech looks like a nice unit if you don't have a case, but my case opens to a landscape stand so I'll stick with my HP BT keyboard (for a Touchpad), that I bought for $22. :D


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Question: When using one of the bluetooth keyboards, How do you keep the onscreen keyboard from popping up each time you put the cursor in a new field?
Or if you are in a document or spread sheet.
I can't decide between the minsuit (same size as N7 and serves as case for both) one of the leather case / keyboard units, the Perrixx board (just a little larger) or the Logitech (larger still). My primary concern is to use as laptop substitute on my cross-country air trips to Vancouver to visit my son and grandchildren. I guess any of them are easier to transport than the laptop. Maybe I should just get a chromebook?

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I have a Zagg Flex keyboard which is much smaller than the Logitech, but still pretty good for typing - I can type fairly quickly on it, and I'm a picky typist (I type 80+ WPM typically). It's not cheap.

I decided the Logitech was just too big to accompany a 7" tablet.

The reason I don't like the case/keyboard combinations is that part of the increased portability of the tablet/keyboard is the keyboard can be packed away from the tablet and hauled out separately. When I'm landed and settled, yes, I want the keyboard out - but when I'm in the plane, I like just having the tablet.

I also eschew the mouse. No point, IMO.

And the soft keyboard just doesn't pop up for me. Nothing special you have to do - it just doesn't show up.


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I bought the Logitech for use with my Xoom but it works with my Nexus, too - works great and I personally like the larger size.


I rarely use my N7 with a keyboard (let alone a BT keyboard, BT sucks the life out of your battery as well). One of the main reasons I got a tablet is to not have a bulky piece of equipment in my book bag. If I wanted a decent screen with a nice keyboard, I might as well just bring my laptop. My N7 is mainly for reference, signing off stuff, looking at info here and there, etc. But if I need to do tedious work on spreadsheets, edit photos, write a report, I'll go with a standard laptop.