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anyone with a extra google voice invite they can spare ?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Joewoowoo, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. curtdragon

    curtdragon Newbie

    Thanks i Austin hooked me up!

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  2. Coach914

    Coach914 Lurker

  3. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Android Enthusiast

    I have 2 google voice invites.. if anyone wants it let me know and pm me their email address please
  4. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA

    To everyone who says they don't have any invites -- are you using your DROID to access GV or your pc? You have to goto GV on your pc to see the invites.
  5. taz55

    taz55 Well-Known Member

    I did still no invites listed there.
  6. ThatGuyAtWork

    ThatGuyAtWork Lurker

    If anyone did have any spare invites I would really appreciate one. Just PM me. I have been on the waiting list for months with no feedback from Google. Thanks.
  7. Platanitoz

    Platanitoz Lurker

  8. Xritam

    Xritam Member

    I have 3 left, if you want one just pm and i will send you one.
  9. jestermedic

    jestermedic Lurker

    I would like to jump on the band wagon. I have been waiting for Google for awhile, an invite would be great.
  10. jetswa737

    jetswa737 Newbie

    If anyone needs one please PM me I will be more than happy to send you one. I only have 3.
  11. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I had my google voice account for about a month before I finally got three invites to give. Keep checking. One day they will just show up.
  12. DolphinDroid

    DolphinDroid Newbie

    I have had my Google Voice for two weeks and no invites to give yet.
  13. dB Zac

    dB Zac Android Enthusiast

    Do some people already have Google voice linked to there accounts? I never got an invite but my google voice seems to be working
  14. jetswa737

    jetswa737 Newbie

    Sorry everyone I am out. Hope you enjoy them.
  15. tjrocks91

    tjrocks91 Newbie

    I have 2 invites left. PM me if anyone wants it.

    I also have a few Google Wave invites if anyone is interested.
  16. taz55

    taz55 Well-Known Member

    ahh, ok thanks. Ill wait a while and see if one day they show up
  17. smithfish

    smithfish Lurker

    i have one invite left...first to pm me gets it
  18. sonnysideup

    sonnysideup Newbie

  19. rocksthaman

    rocksthaman Member

  20. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Do all of you who are asking for a GV invite really going to use it? I've tried researching and I don't see it benefiting a regular cell phone user. So I'm assuming all of you have a specific need for it uncommon to other users. What are they?
  21. sonnysideup

    sonnysideup Newbie

    I know I would.. my parents and I have 700 mins between the 3 of us.. we usually come pretty close each month and that with out me calling much... I would like to be able to use a cell phone for you know, calling. lol
  22. Flahusky

    Flahusky Well-Known Member

    Reasons for Google Voice in any case.
    1. Perpetual phone # not tied to any service/carrier
    2. The ability to ring up to 5? phones when someone calls
    3. Custom routing of calls based on who is calling
    4. VM transcription (yeah its pretty crappy) and emailed VM either audio/text
    5. Throw away number(yeah I know #1 :rolleyes: )
    6. Record Calls (plz comply with local and state laws)
    7. Call logging*

    In my case when i switched from AT&T to Verizon no one knew it because they had my GV #. Yeah I know I could have ported my AT&T # but cell phone carriers just offer the more finite control that GV does.
  23. ssantan2

    ssantan2 Android Enthusiast

    I need so I can reroute my texts to data and bypass my txt limit. If you have spare pm me and then ill send my email addy
  24. canhead64

    canhead64 Guest

    i have three let me know

    i have none left now. who would have known ppl would want these so bad?? i have had google voice for about two years and this is the first time anybody asked for an invite and i got rid of all three in five minutes.
  25. ssantan2

    ssantan2 Android Enthusiast

    just pm'd

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