Help Anyone with problems they think CL notifica related?


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So I think my Evo's problems are all from the CraigsList notifica app. Not that it is the apps fault but I'm just maxing out on the CPU and can't use the web at the same time without risking a restart.

I'm using Myn's I think I had these problems with Fresh too but it wasn't as noticeable / frequent.

The big problem is this app is so freakin useful to me that, If i have to choose, I'd rather have it than a fully functioning evo!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe the best Rom to use with it? Anything?


Mr. Ed

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Have you updated to the new version they put up in the market.....or are you still on the original that was causing major issues?


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Thanks ed,

I did update after I read your post. Still having the same issues. My evo will reboot if I use the internet or the navigation.

A little frustrating but I'd rather have the craigs list update than the internet and the nav. Wish I could have it all though. Thinking of going back to fresh. If I have the same problems there I don't know where I'll go. Any suggestion?