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anyone with sense 3.0 rom ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mite_jan, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. mite_jan

    mite_jan Member
    Thread Starter

    i was just wondering if anyone has tried these up to date roms so maybe he can share his experience
    LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5

    [ROM] LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5 |11th August| Ginger Sense 2.1 | FAST | STABLE | WWE - xda-developers

    Cool3D Sense 3.0

    [ROM][Cool3D Sense 3.0][19 Aug]Cool Sensation v7|Stable|CM7/r2|DATA++|STOCK - xda-developers


    [ROM][15/08][STABLE][Sense2.1+3.0 GB]InsertCoin CM7 HBOOT/STOCK 1.1.1 - xda-developers

    how are sense roms on baterry ?
    i didn't have the time to try the sense experience and i kinda miss it

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  2. CdTDroiD

    CdTDroiD Android Enthusiast

    Insertcoin is the best by far ;) leedroids isn't full 3.0 either
  3. craftycarper

    craftycarper Well-Known Member

    No problems here with Leedroid Data++ version.
  4. DC E1G

    DC E1G Well-Known Member

    I was on the Nightly version of Insert Coin for a few builds and it was pretty snazzy, but it wasn't terribly fast and battery life was pretty bad at times. I was lucky to get 18 hours most times with moderate use. That said, if you dig Sense ROM's it's not too shabby. I'm sticking to Oxygen for now though.
  5. aardys

    aardys Well-Known Member

    will the Hd version go on the standard desire ?
  6. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

  7. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Android Expert

    I was on the last nightly build of insertcoin v52, found it to be very good on battery & quite stable.
    I also used the insertcoin stable 1.1.1 & that is very stable but not as much version 3.0 things in that rom.
    the cool3d rom is the only full sense 3 rom you have listed, i only used the very early versions but they do look very snazzy.
  8. Myarse

    Myarse Newbie

    Hi, I've been running Insertcoin Stock 1.1.1 for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it :D I would say I'm not getting improvement battery wise but it runs well with no lagging.

    I am a fan of Sense and this rom doesn't disappoint, looks great, love the new weather and also when on a call, flipping the phone activates loudspeaker, it's little things that improve the day to day use. As you can tell, I'm well happy with it :D

    Hope this helps.

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