Root Anyone?


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Alright does anyone live in Los angeles, Ca or Baldwin Park, Ca or somewhere near there like alhambra - El monte - West Covina - Etc.

If someone does and is running cm7 on their ascend do you mind setting it up on my ascend. X.X ive always been afraid to make a mistake so i dont do it but i reallyyyyy want it. Anyone?


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ill lose everything wont i? Im planning on doing it already but ill lose contacts and paid apps. Correct?


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everytime i attempt to apply it it says installation aborted. I tried to restore my backup and now im stuck on the android screen .-.


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I've flashed this phone so many times I don't even have to look at instructions anymore. I've also lost count. LOL.

Biggest thing with flashing is making sure you've got a good CWM (Clockworkmod). I still use from my Icarus days. It hasn't failed me, If it's not broken why fix it?
Another thing is that you have to make sure when you put the rom on your SD card, It is in the main section and the file is unzipped. You also want to make sure the size of the actual rom matches the one on your SD card.

I do Gapps and MetrOFF together after I've already booted into a new rom. I also use Titanium back up for all my apps. With my Contacts though I've had trouble with Google keeping track of them so I keep a copy of them here on my computer just in case.

Also, If in doubt do a FULL WIPE. It will not hurt as I've done it each and every time. Though some people would think I'm being overly cautious, I have not had a failed flash yet. :] Good Luck.

P.S We all started out somewhere. Mine was with Icarus, Which I believed to be a great first time rom as it teaches you how to put CWM on a phone and also how to format the SD card and do an SD-Ext. Then it teaches you how to flash a rom of course! ^^.


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Don't flash CM7!! It'll eat your kittehs!!!!

Just kidding. The first step is getting CWM on there. From there, everything is downhill. Just remember that anything you do, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!

(Did I say backup, yet?)

Go wild, you can't really do any harm to your Ascend. Trust me, I've done it all.