Help Anyway to toggle 2G while the screen is off?


So is there a way to make my G2 to automatically switch to 2G when the screen is turned off, and then revert back to 3g/hspa+/etc when the screen is turned back on? I'm assuming this would improve battery life right? Or will it make it worse since its constantly switching signals and such?
Thanks for any input guys!


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I'm pretty sure that going from 3g to 2g only happens when you go out of a 3g area. So I dont think you can control that in any way.

Incorrect, you can manually turn it on/off as desired. It makes a big difference to the battery life.

OP I like to think this can be done but unless an app exists it may be something that could only be achieved by rooting the phone. Not 100% on this, hopefully someone more technically minded can have some input here.