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Anyway to turn my Android phone into a hard drive through wifi?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tracerit, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast
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    I'd like to be able to access my phone's Micro SD card like a hard drive through wifi and also access my computer's hard drive through my Android phone through wifi.

  2. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    To access the SD card contents and transfer files to/from the SD card, use Websharing App. There is a lite version that only allows transferring one file at a time but I highly recommend getting the paid version. Try out the lite version first though.

    WebSharing | android.nextapp.com
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  3. Sim-X

    Sim-X Member

    I was in the same boat as you. I had an old work computer and wouldn't hook up through usb. I think it was due to my old tower not kicking out enough power and since you can't turn the charge feature off when connected to a pc (which is stupid) I could never get it working.

    So I use an app called SwiFTP now. Just turn on wi-fi on your phone and run the app. Once you set a user and pass you can just log in on your computer. Just open up my computer and type in the ip address of the phone which SwiFTP will display. Login with the name and pass you set.

    Make sure to shut it off when your done. It's plenty fast and easy.

    You can drag and drop files, make folders whatever as if it were connected via usb. Much better then messing around with cables.

    I don't do too much transferring of files but when I do it's fantastic to have.

    I also set my default path in the program to /mnt/sdcard this way the sd card loads by default when you login on your computer.

    Hope this helps

    SwiFTP is free btw, very easy to setup and no mumbo-jumbo extra junk you don't need.
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