Oct 27, 2012

I'm developing an app that is a shell in which a user will purchase and load business information from 29 separate, purchasable regions in the US. These regions are database driven, and I'm still modifying the database for 2014 data. This is a test environment. The problem I'm having is that once I've simulated the purchase of a region (let's say, Chicago), my device apparently caches that data, so that when I update the database, the updates don't push through. I've tried clearing the cache on the app, erasing all the app data, and disabling the Backup & Restore feature on the device, then completely uninstalling the APK. But when I reinstall a the APK from scratch, it installs with the Chicago region already showing as having been purchased, still showing the old database data.

Question is, how can I get the APK to reinstall as if for the very first time, with no previous purchases or downloads, so that it pulls fresh data from the DB?


Moved to the application development forum, the guys here will be in the best place to assist. :)

Does it create SD Card Data? Do any folders exist after the uninstall?