APN settings issue



Hello everybody, I'm having a bit of a issue at the moment. I'm currently living in the UK and going to America in November and have purchased a Simple Mobile micro sim from America for when I go. I currently have a Sony Xperia Z2 and I'm on Vodafone.

My problem is that I have to set the APN settings manually for this new sim card to work, but everytime I enter the new APN settings and save them it completely deletes everything I have just entered and it dissapears. I have narrowed it down to when I change the MCC (mobile country code) number to 310 it doesn't accept it!

I have checked my phone with the *#*#737(can't remember the rest) number and my phone is completely unlocked! I have also contacted Sony who said this issue is nothing to do with them as the phone should work anywhere in the world with any sim card in the world so now I'm narrowing it down to a android issue?

Thanks for your help.



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I'm not sure, but it may be that you can't change the apn country code unless you have a sim from that country in the phone. Have you removed the UK sim when you try the US code?

Ah so that's interesting, when I have no sim card in it doesn't save any APNs what so ever! So maybe when I insert the US sim it will save the APN I need. Fingers crossed, I should have the sim this week. I've just been a bit confused/in a panic about it.