Jul 12, 2013
Hi everyone!

We launched our first android application about week ago. It's Dropozoid game (analogue of existing game for another mobile platform). Nothing special, but helps to spend time well.

I just wonder how popular is such kind of games now and how much sales can we expect without a big ad-investments. And how often does it make sense to make updates? Maybe it would be better to distribute first one for free?

I"ll be appreciate for any suggestions or comments. Thanks!

Hi all!

We're planning updates on next week. It will include:
- separated control of sounds and music
- motion improvements
- attempt to improve images quality for some display types
- post to top-score and connection error handling improvements

I hope these all make Dropozoid little better. Everyone is welcome to get pre-release to try (if you already installed the game, it will be free) - just send request to google+community "dropozoid".

Thank you all for feedbacks.
Hi everybody.

The update is already on market.

Your feedbacks are welcome.

The next update will include buttons to post result to twitter and facebook. Hopefully it will appear in several days.
Hi everybody.

At least we published free version of Dropozoid, but with ads.

Look for Dropozoid-lite on the market!
Dear friends,

we've just updated Dropozoid to 1.3.3.

New features - now you can post your published results to Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy. :)
Hi all.

Dropozoid-lite is updated to 1.3.3.

New features - now you can post your published results to Twitter and Facebook (same as in the paid version).

Please meet in few hours new Dropo-release, v.1.3.4 (paid version)

- ru-localization
- platform icon in top score

Still feedbacks are welcome. ;)
Hi everyone.

From now last updates are accessible in free version too (1.3.4):
- platform icon in top score (android or not)
- ru-localization