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[APP][3.0+] Root Essentials

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SuperThomasLab, May 22, 2016.

  1. SuperThomasLab

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    May 22, 2016

    May 22, 2016
    All the essentials you need for your rooted phone.

    ★Adoptable Storage★
    Adoptable Storage is a new feature Google introduced in Android Marshmallow. It can "adopt" your SD card and extend your internal storage. Some manufacturers removed this partition feature; this app brings back support for Adoptable Storage on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S5, LG G5, G4, Huawei G Play and more.

    ★App Install Location★
    Android apps will be installed to the internal storage by default. Take advantage of your external SD and install many apps externally with App2SD. If you want to revert the changes, select the location "Auto".

    ★Battery Calibration★
    When you flash a new ROM, or battery life is bad, you can calibrate your battery. This app removes the BATTERYSTATS.BIN file and a new BATTERYSTATS.BIN is generated, so any invalid information is removed. It is suggested to let the phone fully discharge, calibrate and then let your phone charge to 100% without interruption.

    ★Build.prop Editor★
    Easily edit your build.prop file.

    ★Device Info★
    Device info shows lots of information about your device's hardware and software. It displays information about your battery, display, device model, OS and your SIM card.

    Flash Custom ROMs, GAPPS and more; Install Recovery & Boot images. Create your own script.

    ★Font Installer★
    Font Installer installs fonts on your device. There are over 700 fonts to choose from. Also, you can select a font from your device. Previews available.

    ★Mount /system RO/RW★
    Editing a file / directory in the /system partition requires mounting it rewritable. This app mounts /system rewritable or readonly. After editing, it is recommended to return to readonly. A reboot will also restore the mount RO. In case it failed, try again with busybox installed or edit /system with use of ADB in the recovery mode.

    Rebooter can reboot your device to all sorts of modes. Reboot modes:
    - Normal Reboot (just a normal reboot)
    - Quick Reboot (straight to boot animation, and will reboot quicker)
    - Recovery Mode (used to flash zip files)
    - Bootloader (Download Mode. Used to flash stock ROMS)
    - Power Off (power of your device)

    ★Root Browser★
    File manager with two file panels and root browsing in Android system folders. Simply press and hold a file in the root explorer for options. Two file panels are handy: swipe left/right to complete a file action on the 2nd panel. You can rename file extensions.

    - Android 3.0+
    - Root access (The app has a built-in root check)

    Android Wear
    Some features of this app are also available on Android Wear. The wearable device must be rooted for most features. Currently supports App Manager, Build.prop Editor, Device Info, Rebooter and Root Browser (including copy/move/delete operations).

    For support or feature requests please reply to to this thread or send an email to superthomaslabmail@gmail.com.

    Root Essentials is available on Google Play.

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