[App] Alpo - Picture Book app for kids - Testers needed


Hi all,

We have developed a new children's book app that any of you with kids might be happy to take a look at? It's called Alpo Meets Alma, and will hopefully be the first of an entire series of Alpo picture book apps.

The app has already been released for iPhone and iPad, and so we are looking for testers to test the handset version for Android.

The app is more or less complete, so we're really just looking for testers to see how it handles on a variety of handsets.

If it sounds like something you'd be interested in trying out, drop me an e-mail at david [at] tapisodes.co.uk, and I'll send you a link to download.





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I am in the market in buying another tablet- non Apple of course- so that my 5 year old daughter can learn to read. Right now, I am using the Dr. Seuss read along books on my Samsung Galaxy tablet and helps my daughter. Can you possibly make one about numbers?
Jamie, I am happy to test your application for free if you need more testing to be done. I am into testing / QA of softwares since 7 years.
may mail me at ankur.jain83 at gmail