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[APP] Awesome Widget Bundle - 40+ Skinnable Widgets Bundle inc. weather

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AshMcConnell, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. AshMcConnell

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    Hi Folks,

    We have released our Awesome Widgets Bundle and to celebrate we have an intro offer of 50% off.

    Here is a link to the Android Market page: -

    Our widgets are totally skinnable and editable. They consist of 2 main widget containers, Awesome Bar and Awesome Clock.

    The Awesome Clock shows today's weather or 5 day weather as well as the current time / date and an icon of your choice. It can be skinned to completely change it's look.

    The Awesome Bar is a container for up to 12 widgets on a single line (usually reserved for 4 widgets). There are 40+ widgets to choose from to put on your Bar. You can also add Application shortcuts, saving a lot of space on your homescreen. Of course the Awesome Bar is skinnable and editable too, with hundreds of skins to choose from, or you can make your own.

    Hope you like it: -
    All the best,

    PS: Here are the current list of Widgets

    5 Day - Today
    5 Day - Tomorrow
    5 Day + 2 days
    5 Day + 3 days
    5 Day + 5 days
    Current Weather
    Weather + 3 hours
    Weather + 6 hours
    Weather + 9 hours
    Weather + 12 hours

    Auto Sync
    Auto Rotate
    Flight Mode
    Brightness (Low/Med/High/Auto)
    Screen Lock

    Battery Indicator + Usage Shortcut (accurate to 1% if your device supports it)

    APN Settings
    Accessibility Settings
    Application List
    Application Settings
    Bluetooth Settings
    Date/Time Settings
    Display Settings
    Dock Settings
    Flight Mode Settings
    GPS Settings
    Language Settings
    Password Settings
    Security Settings
    Sound Settings
    Text to Speech Settings
    VPN Settings
    Voice Settings
    WIMAX Settings
    Wifi Settings

    Force the device to lock
    Send Email Instantly
    Send SMS Instantly


  2. AshMcConnell

    AshMcConnell Member
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    Here is a QR for convenience.

    I have just released an update allowing users to change the background colour (if the skin allows it) or change the background transparency for both Awesome Clock and Awesome Bar widgets.


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