App backup?


I'm considering the purchase of this tablet. As research before I buy I downloaded and read its manual. In the manual it states:

"App Backup allows you to backup your installed apps and app data on the internal and to an external storqage device. App Backup can also restore your apps and app data after updating your device to make sure your data will not be lost."

What do they mean by app data? Are they talking simply contacts, photos, etc.?

Or does this mean it does an app and app & data backup/restore like I do on my current rooted Android devices and Titanium Backup?


I believe date is a typo should be data

appbackup wil backup installed apps plus optionally the apps data, there is a limit either number of apps or size not sure I had to make a second backup to get them all

I dont know wheither. app backup wll backup contacts, calender but you can sync with google