[APP][BETA V2] Tablified Market


Hey guys. If you're familiar with Tablified.com then you might enjoy this app that we've been working on.

You can search the entire site right from your tablet. This app is in beta and is a bit slow (depending on your connection). We will fix this issue soon.

Let me know what you think. More features will be added in the future.


We've been having some ups and downs with the site and app but we have ironed out a few issues. Hopefully these issues have been addressed. Please let me know if you have requests. A pro version will be coming out once the app is out of beta so you can enjoy it without ads (and a lot more features).


-EVEN FASTER! (we're working on it)
-UI enhancements.
*Featured section has been completely revamped.
*New icons for every category.
*New loading indicator
*Smaller horizontal loading indicator
-Clear cache option found in the menu.
*Having problems loading an app or category? Try clearing the cache.
-Added 'News' section
*If you're interested in writing, please contact me.
-Faster search results




-FASTER LOADING TIMES! Not perfect but definitely better.
-Keyboard hides after hitting the search button.
-Hide category button is now in the menu option.
-Fixed small progress bar for Asus Transformer & other tablets.
-Progress bar has been relocated. Make sure you stare at it while waiting for pages to load, it actually makes it load faster :p
-Various bug fixes.
-Now you can submit apps right from within the app.
-There is an exit button to close the app completely (in menu).
-Hitting the back button closes app when there's nothing to backtrack.
-Awesome looking portrait mode and 360 degree rotation!
-Significantly smaller package size (was 2.2MB, now 81kb)