[App] Call Finder


Automatically lookup unknown numbers for incoming calls and track your network data usage.

Manage your call log, contacts list and network usage with CallFinder.

- See who you call the most, or who calls you the most.

- See which contacts are missing addresses and automatically fill in the information.

- Track network usage and see which Apps are using up your network data quota.

- Includes a widget for tracking network usage quota.

For incoming calls, automatically* display the name connected to the number if it is not already in your contacts list.

Note that network usage is only supported on Android version 2.2 or higher and not on all devices. Try the demo version to be sure.

*Currently the following countries are supported for reverse number lookup
a) USA (Land lines only)
b) Sweden (Both land and mobile numbers)
c) Australia (Land lines only)

More countries can easily be added apon request if that country provides a free internet service for reverse number lookup. Note that as far as I know the UK does not provide such a service.

Has the following tabs

Call Log tab features
1) A detailed list includes duration and time of call.
2) Entries are automatically color coded.
a) White - found match with the contact list.
b) Yellow - found match with contact list but does not match call log name
c) Green - no match found with contact list
3) Green entries can be looked up on a internet server for a matching name and address which then can be saved as a new or to an existing contact
4) Yellow entries can be used to update the name in the call log
5) Search for contacts in the call log

Contact tab features
1) A list displaying which contacts are missing home or work addresses
2) Contacts numbers can be used to search for names and address on the internet and then used to update contact information
3) Search for contacts in the contact list

Call Log Statistics tab
1) Display call usage by Month, Day or Contact name
2) Display call statistics for names matching a word
3) Display a graph over any statistics listed
4) Display cost of calls if on a per minute plan

Data Log Statistics tab
1) Display data usage either by Total, Mobile or App name
2) Display data usage by Month, Day, Hour or App
3) Display graph over data usage

Note that the data usage logged for each application does not match the Total data usage which is logged as they are tracked in different ways by Android. The mobile and total

If you have any questions, feature requests or bug reports please email me at ninja.lizard.design@gmail.com and I promise that you will get a prompt response.



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1.3.2 Minor bug fixes
1.3.1 Added call button to call log query window, minor bug fixes
1.3.0 Added zoom in/out to graph, added reporting numbers to missatsamtal.se
1.2.2 Incoming number is now displayed for alot longer, option for disabling gestures added.
1.2.1 Fixed photo bug in calllog, optimised data log updater thread
1.2.0 Added more number lookup services plus options for this
1.1.3 Improved data log statistics
1.1.2 Minor bug fixes