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[APP] Caller screen replacement - BIG! caller ID

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by przem19, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    We’ve just finished our first app – BIG! Caller ID :)
    Generally, it’s a replacement of a default caller screen, and lets you set a full-screen photo for every person of your contacts list during a call. Naturally, there’s also Facebook synchronization.

    It's a free version (limited to 5 contacts). You can buy the full version for $1,99 via PayPal inside the app or at: wroclawstudio.com/paypal.html (buying via web requires sending us your GMail address to activate).

    If you're familiar to Eclipse you can create your own themes, and publish them in the Market or in this thread.
    For details see: BIG! caller ID Theme Template + Tutorial

    BIG! caller ID | Android Market


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    edit: There's no caller screen for "Unknown" in free version.

    If you encounter any issue, please send us logs with CATLOG app:

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.nolanlawson.logcat&feature=search_r esult

    Do the following:

    1. Enter Catlog,
    2. Menu > Record > save file,
    3. Use BIG! caller ID and go through a misbehaving function,
    4. Return to Catlog,
    5. Menu > Stop recording,
    6. Menu > Send > As attachement,
    7. Send to: wroclawstudio(at)gmail.com with a short info on what doesn't work.


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  2. What we've learned from your feedback:
    because Google withdrawed android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE in Android 2.3, our app doesn't work on Gingerbread temporarily :(

    We'll be trying to fix it, and let you know about the results. If you have any idea which could help resolving this issue, please leave a comment.
  3. babestj

    babestj New Member

    Jul 27, 2011
    :):) iI am well pleased with Big Caller app it works brilliant with my Alcatel ot-980 the app is really usefull with the mute and speaker tabs on the screen saves any messing around trying to look for mute and loud speaker. The picture qualiy is brillant Keep up the good work :):)
  4. I really thought that there will be a stronger response - so far we've given out about 20 premium accounts, while on a Polish forums 50 were reserved in one day.

    We've decided to change the rules: 80 premium accounts remain, so the first 80 people to 'like' Wro Claw Studio fanpage on facebook are going to obtain free unlock keys. Remember to mail us at wroclawstudio(at)gmail.com with “FB/Phandroid” in subject plus your name and the main e-mail account you use on it.

    Wro Claw Studio | Facebook

    Counting begins as I post this reply.

    We'll write it here and on fb if the number runs out :)

    And please, leave your impression about the app in this thread.
  5. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Jun 13, 2011
    Annoying my X-Husband
    Hanover Park, IL
    I didn't request to test this because I couldn't get the free one to work on either of my phones. It doesn't show up when you get an incoming call. The contact list doesn't look like it does in the options menu (still looks stock), and the dialer window does not change (still looks stock).

    Fix the free version and I'll be more than happy to test the other.
  6. First of all - have you set the app right? In the app there are 3 tabs, in one of them (contacts) you have to enable people you want to use with our caller.

    If it's a software issue, and if you want to help fixing it, please send logs to us with CATLOG app:


    Do the following:

    1. Enter Catlog,
    2. Menu > Record > save file,
    3. Use BIG! caller ID and go through a misbehaving function,
    4. Return to Catlog,
    5. Menu > Stop recording,
    6. Menu > Send > As attachement,
    7. Send to: wroclawstudio(at)gmail.com
  7. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Good app. I commend the effort and creativity that was put into making this app. Ok now for the good stuff:

    I tested the app today from work. It works very well. Big! Caller ID takes about 2 seconds to initiate after the stock caller ID pops up though..not bad. Pictures are full screen, and vivid in quality. But there's a bug. After about 7 seconds the screen goes in sleep mode while ringing so you cant see who's calling anymore until you press the power button to wake it up :(
  8. Check the new update - it should fix the issue with the sleep mode during a call :)

    About 2 secs initiation - we can't replace the stock caller ID, so it won't come up any faster :(
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  9. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Actually the delay has improved..I've noticed with the update Big! ID comes up about a second faster now. Also i agree the sleep mode has been addressed. Congrats on your 2000 downloads. It's a great app.

    For future upgrades can you make the speaker button a one click press instead of pressing and holding down..that can be inconveniencing when on a call..also you should consider a decline-text-template so when users decline a call, they dont have to manually text messages from scratch. They can choose from a list of pre composed texts.

    Just my 2 cents :) GREAT JOB!!
  10. Thanks!

    Actually, some users complained about one-press speaker button because they used to turn it on accidentally. Thats why we've set it for holding down. We might add an option to choose between these 2 switching types.
  11. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Yeah..that's the key. Always give the user the option. Not everything that suits a few will suit everyone. Everything is about personalization. Another thing to really thing about. The objective of a perfect replacement app is to make the user not miss the stock. The stock caller. Id had some key features like adding a call (conference), memo for in call note taking, blue tooth option, etc. Look at it this way, if you were on a call..what features would you like accessibility to without inconveniencing you and your caller?If you can implement key attributes with the addition of what the stock lacks which is a beautiful full screen ID then you've accomplished the goal.
  12. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    One problem discovered. On a call when the phone is placed closed to the ear, the display is suppose to dleep. This is imperative for reducing batter consumption. Once the phone is away from the ear the screen is suppose to come back on
  13. Fixed! Try now :)

    The full version of BIG! caller ID is finally released! :) You can buy it for $1.49 via PayPal inside the app or at:

  14. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Ok, played with the new upgrade great work on fixing the proximity sensor. Noticed a big problem though, the keypad numbers don't correspond with tele promts. For instance if I call sprint and they say press 1 for tech support, when I press 1 the numbers aren't registered. Try it out.

    Also please add a timer for calls. Thank you
  15. We'll try to fix the keypad (on Sun or Mon).

    About the timer: it's a bigger issue. There's problem with the phone, which can't recognise if a person you call pressed the "answer" button (it doesn't matter on which device /OS). Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed :( The other way round, if someone is calling you, your phone can recognise your activity, which is touch/swipe of the "answer button on the screen (or pressing a button) - we could add a timer only when receiving a call but it might cause confusion among the users.

    Thanks for your feedback! :)
  16. Keypad fixed! Update and tell if it's ok :)
  17. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Cool upgrade. However keypad still unresponsive, And mute button doesnt work
    The display still goes to sleep after 5 seconds when an incoming call comes in.
  18. :( we'll look at it again.

    About mute button: it depends on the device, we are receiving diverse feedback. I'm not sure if we can gain access to this very function on every phone (it might depend on manufacturer's block).
  19. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Or you know what might be the best thing. To eliminate all of these problems why dont you guys just limit Big! caller ID to just the full screen caller ID only and then everything else like incalling user layout, speaker phone, incall duration timer, etc would be stock.
  20. There's no such option. We can try to emulate it but it will still be custom caller, which cannot use parts of a stock caller ID. To make this app we had to make everything from scratch. Not to mention, every manufacturer of mobile phones make their own caller, so we would have to choose which to copy (or plagiarize, to be honest...).
  21. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    After newest update phone still goes to sleep after 5 seconds of receiving incoming call, keypad still don't work.
  22. Yes, we focused on enabling more devices to use the app (caller screen didn't even pop-up).

    I see the keypad is a bigger issue. If it works just fine here in Poland, maybe in the US there are different frequencies of generated tones? I'll try to find out.


    Works on Android 2.3!
    (but it might depend on ROM, especially custom, and the device - worked on 9 of 10 tested devices).
  23. Ncruze

    Ncruze Member

    Good job! Congrats on your accomplishments.. as for me looks like I will have to disable Big! for now :( The dialpad isn't responsive at all and the display still falls asleep when I get an incoming call rendering me into guessing who's calling. This problem was fixed in the previous updates though, don't know what happened.
  24. There are the last 10 free keys left! :)
  25. nyssa

    nyssa Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2011
    fashion retail
    Seattle, WA
    I purchased the full version last night, and I'm very pleased with the way it looks. Very clean and simple, great job!

    Unfortunately, I am also having issues with the dialpad not working. I tried to check my voicemail and was unable to delete the message because you have to press seven to delete the message...but the phone didn't seem to be able to "hear" the keypress...

    Fix this problem and you have a 5-star app here! :)

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