Aug 9, 2012
I would like to present you my new app "Credit Card TransactionManager"

Credit Card Transaction Manager is an application that makes easy to manage your credit cards.
You can track your finances by storing all transactions made by credit card or cash:
1)Generic Payment
2)Online Payment
3)ATM Transaction
Key Features of the application:
1. Add/delete/edit transaction
1. Add/delete/edit credit card
2. Add photos of receipts / bills
3. Retrieve the current exchange rate between the default currency and the currency used for current payment (via YAHOO FINANCE)
4. Recovery the current position where the transaction is inserted.
5. Browsing the notes inserted, and consultation of a summary of costs.
6. Export to EXCEL file of the notes (with the attached images, and summary of costs) that can be sent by mail or can be saved in a folder.

If you buy my application you help me to pay my mortgage and to organize the wedding :)

Welcome comments, suggestions, additional implementations.
Thank you
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Hello everyone!

With great pleasure I would like to introduce you my last app: FLU - FastLockUnlock.
This app is in my opinion very useful and easy to use.
The best app to lock/unlock your smartphone without use the power button.

This is app description:
This application allows you to lock/unlock your smartphone without using the power button.
Double-tap to the left of the screen to lock the smartphone.
Shake your finger near proximity sensor to wake up the screen.

Video Description