Jun 27, 2013
What's up AndroidForums!

My background is a mixture of artistic and technical pursuits; to me they're all the same and I love the challenge. Before I got into app development, I was heavily involved in 3D Visual Effects & Automotive design.

I love sports cars; especially the art, the curves, and the shapes, but lets not forget speed and adrenaline as well. For many years, I pursued independent sportscar design, investing several thousands of hours into it, and eventually designing the Scorpion supercar. It was exciting watching it go around car shows, even seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger driving it, but ultimately the company behind the car lacked the resources to bring it to mass production.


Since that time, I began to realize that sports car design meant few of my fans would ever really get to really experience my art beyond images, and the field itself was far too heavily dependent on businessmen and similar personalities who were "less than reliable."

After a lot of thought and consideration, I realized that app-development and game-design was something I could do. If my product was good enough, it could be enjoyed by nearly anyone at little cost. At first I started by working on a tower defense game, however after over 1-year of development and feature-creep, I knew I needed a "smaller project." So I started making a screen-ruler, which ended up being anything but a screen ruler or small project, but I finally 'completed' my first app.

If you have any questions, let me know. :)

- Jonathan
Nice car, Jonathan! And welcome to Android Forums!

It looks like you have found application announcements section, and that's great. Good luck on your apps. You will find Android Forums to the helpful, friendly, and a great place to hang out. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

It's great to have you here :)
Thank you for the welcome The_Chief!

I've been skimming these forums for the last 45 minutes or so, and (as you said) this looks like a very friendly and accommodating place! Forums and I go way back, and this one looks straight-forward & well designed enough to find my way around. Now that I have a "stable" release, I should be able to un-bury my head from the code a bit and interact more on forums (I miss it).

Thank you again for the intro, and I look forward to posting here some more.

edit: Are there any "feedback" sections? For example, feedback for art and/or app features? I noticed the alpha/beta sections, but wasn't sure if those would be good for feedback.
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