Root App drawer is a mess!


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No idea how, when, or why, but at some point between being on stock Froyo, flashing to .588, then .591, then .595, then Apex, then back to .595, my app drawer is a mess.

The apps are just scattered everywhere, order wise-- any idea how I can reorganize them to get them back into alphabetical order? It's kind of a PITA going through and trying to find a particular app that could be... pretty much anywhere.


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Try this. go into your app drawer. While in there click your menu button. Select manage apps. click on the all tab. click the menu button again and you should have the option to manage by name.

EDIT: Nevermind. It didnt work for fixing the app drawer itself.....I tried You could try wiping your cache in stock recovery.


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lol figured it out. There's a sorting option for the app drawer, and while "alphabetically" was already the checked option, I just picked a different option, then picked alphabetically again, and it re-sorted everything properly.

Now I feel like an idiot. Ah well. Thanks for trying.