May 26, 2010
Hey all,
I'm kinda new to android, and not sure if this is a handset or os thing but, when you swipe up from the bottom of the x10 screen to display all your apps, is there a way to sort the apps into folders. i.e. move all games into a games folder, put all work apps into a work folder, etc.
lke i said not sure if this is an os thing or if i could download an app to do it, i have done a little searching online but didn't come up with any answers.

many thanks for any help:eek:
I use Apps Organizer. It allows you to put all your apps on your homescreen under icon such as games, tools and media. No more searching through every app you have alphabetically. Install from market, go to labels and longpress the icon you want then choose your apps. Simple. Hope this helps.
i will have a look at that app joefloater, doesn't really sound like what i wanted though. i don't really like to have too much stuff on my home screens. i would like a way of organising the apps on the page you swipe up from the bottom of the home screen.
it is also my need
I have try by creating a folder on home screen and then put apps shortcut to it .
but folder name cant be changed so recogination between folder for games and work apps is difficult.
find a solution for all.
When your on your homescreen press and hold the screen and select add folder, folder can be moves then to either side of home or any where on the screen you choose by pressing and holding the icon and moving. To rename the folder once you click on and open it press and hold on the blue bar at the top that say folder and a window will open with option edit. :D
Oh and when you've set up the folder just press and hold on the apps you have listed in the slide up window and drop into the folder or onto the folder icon just like on a pc.