App for making cheap international calls?


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Is there an app available that allows me to make cheap international calls?

So far the only only one ive seen gives you a local access number to dial. But the problem with this is that it uses the inclusive mins from your mobile.

Are there any apps that gives cheap rates and uses 3g/wifi to make the calls?


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Cheers, truphone is good but again its abit expensive. Rebtel is cheaper but that uses a local access number instead of 3g.


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Not exactly sure by what you mean by "inclusive minutes"...but Google Voice to international landlines is very cheap (a few cents a minute), and to international mobile phones (at about 15-20 cents per minute), which is still pretty cheap.

It will use your carrier minutes...But if you dial during NW, they will only use your NW minutes rather than your premium minutes.

Install Voice Choice and add your internationl numbers to it and your phone will automatically always use GV to diial the numbers in the Voice Choice list.


After trying to use Google Voice to make cheaper international calls I had to give up as I can only connect to my calls 40% of the time and the quality was terrible most of the time.

So I switch to Rebtel and am very pleased. Yes, it dials an access number to make the international call but if you have unlimited minutes it doesn't matter. I call to Guatemala a lot and am paying 11c per minutes vs. 23-28c with other services. Call quality is great and I haven't had any issues connecting to people down there.

I like Rebtel.