App for measuring decibel?


Is there an app that can measure decibels? I am looking for an app
that can track how loud the music is.



There are several that I've tried but I've read that it's not possible for them to be very accurate given the smartphone microphone limitations. Search the Google market & you'll find a bunch but who knows how accurate they will be.

It would be nice to me to know how many decibels sre going through the earbuds & to set a safe limit. I've not found that app.


Wouldn't all the sound measuring Apps measure sound in Decibels?

The Sound Meter app site explains why smartphones are not always or at all accurate, especially at the louder sound waves, louder than the human voice, which phone microphones were designed for.

Last year I tried several apps including Sound Meter, in very loud industrial locations & each app gave different decibel values & some topped out earlier than others & I never knew which app values to trust. They seem to me like sort of fun gimmicks though.

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The results are apt to be skewed by the frequency response of your device's microphone, but I use Decibel-O-Meter, and it works well enough.


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There is an App called deciBel, which I checked against a semi-pro SPL meter and it was pretty good on an HTC Desire S. People are correct when they mention that the inbuilt microphone on a mobile phone may not give the correct response. However, for a quick rough-and-ready measurement, try deciBel or, as others have suggested, Smart Tools.