App for monitoring data usage?


I have a 1 GB/month data usage limit on my phone, data being used for surfing, streaming music and videos etc. Are there any apps that can monitor how much data I have used and how much I have left? Preferably one that can break down the data usage and show how much data every single app is using, so I know when it's a good idea to slow down using that app. Are there such apps and do they work well?


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You can set a warning and limit using the stock android data monitor in Settings and below the graph it shows data use of each app. If youre below android 4.0 theres 3g Watchdog app but i dont think it shows indevidual app use


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Be careful. I have heard of people using data monitoring apps when traveling overseas - in order to stay within the very strict limits of an international data plan and not incur overseas roaming data charges if they go over. Then they come home and the phone company says they went over and that the app isn't official (and I think all apps caution they are not official also).

I even heard one tech journalist who downloaded the AT&T data use app, went overseas and came back to a huge bill cause AT&T said he went over and his AT&T app says he didn't.


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I use My Data Manager. It's not spot on accurate, but it does give me an ideal ball park figure. Also can set tracking for carrier data, roaming data, Wi-Fi data, period cycle, etc. I found this to be the best data tracker out there. I can view monthly usage as well as hourly usage breakdown of apps. Also gives allotment for the day and forecast what your estimated usage may be by end of period based on your daily data usage to date.