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App for police

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pal251, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. pal251

    pal251 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I would like two different apps....

    One would be an app that I could take a picture of someone with and log it into my field contact notes with their name and where they were (prefer GPS)

    Second would be just a simple program I could export into google maps that would let me log where my patrol car was when I locked someone into radar that was speeding or commited another violation. That way I could bring it to court to show where I was and in fact I could witness that violation from my perspective.


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  2. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    As a fellow officer, I don't think this is a great idea.

    If you introduce your phone as physical evidence in court, you know it is subject to be held as evidence and can be removed from your possession as whatever exhibit they mark it as and if for some reason the trial goes on for a long period of time (DUI), you might be out of that physical evidence for some time. The longest one of my DUI trials lasted was 6 years and he picked up 9 more DUIs, dying in the last one, ending the cases.

    Secondly, anything work related you really want to do on your issued laptop but if you insist on using your personal phone for matters which could later be used in an investigation, know that your records are subject to subpoena and would only be a hassle later on. For personal use, where you're only going to use it for your own recollection, I see no issue with it.

    I thought about having something similar years ago, but after getting into investigations and seeing the frequency in which phone records, GPS and other portable items are requested, I now stay as far away from recording certain information on a cellular device as I can.

    Stay safe out there,
  3. joetool

    joetool Lurker

    Have you looked at " Footprints"?
  4. pwabbit

    pwabbit Android Enthusiast

  5. pal251

    pal251 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am just using it for a simple diagram purpose for traffic infraction. That and it would let me put why they were stopped and soon on

    The picture would be for my own use and its no different than the old the old timers using polaroid
  6. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    I still have my Polaroid camera.

    The film costs an arm and leg now.

  7. SkiWee393

    SkiWee393 Newbie

    I agree with gunslinger and as a fellow LEO think this would be much much much much more trouble than it would be worth. Your phone would now be rosario material.
  8. phwaap

    phwaap Member

    Phones are much better for Cop Watch than Cops..as it should be. Look at the little pigs trying to figure out how to best "serve" the public. ;)
  9. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    Many states will shortly be banning the use of non "hands free" devises in vehicles.

    In other words, if we (the public) can't then neither can you. Would you like to admit any close calls (or accidents) while "chatting" on you in car computer......
  10. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Android Expert

    Not trying to stir up shit, but: HA! What world do you live in? lol
  11. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    I don't think anyone uses any of the in system chat items, as they're recorded and public record.

    The computers are used primarily for handling calls for service and background checks/license checks.

    - Gunslinger.
  12. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    I live in a world where all should be treated equal, the Police included. Believe it or not placing a star on ones chest does not give superhuman powers.

    I'll have to play the bull%^*$ card as I know for a fact that they are used for chatting AND accidents have happened even while running a plate.

    Distracted driving applies/effects everyone.
  13. steev182

    steev182 Newbie

    MarkHirt - The post isn't about them using phones whilst driving. However, believe it or not, Police Officers (in the UK at least) have to go through tough training programs to even be allowed to sit behind the wheel of a car with flashing lights, and whilst using a phone whilst driving can still be hazardous whoever you are, they aren't simply 'given a star'. They are however better trained at driving at speed and in car control than we are. Also in the UK, our Traffic cars are equipped with cameras with number plate recognition, they're able to parse each plate they 'see', run checks automatically and flag to the officer which cars are reported stolen/uninsured/untaxed so the driver isn't distracted by trying to type into their computer.

    Away from the civil liberties debate. I can see an application for this with Police officers patrolling on foot. Either whilst in surveillance of a suspect, or whilst looking for a wanted person. My dad was in the robbery squad, so his squad's time was taken gathering intel, looking for known offenders and arresting them. If they had an application on their phones that could get the intelligence known into the palm of their hands without having to carry around paperwork or working from memory, or if they could run them through the PNC without having to radio through for it, their job would be made a lot easier, and if they could have some kind of facial recognition built in, stop searches of innocent people could be cut down significantly.

    Just because Police Officers are thinking about ways of using technology to simplify their workload, help reduce errors and make life better for the people they are trying to serve, doesn't mean it's polite for you to attack their current working practices and make them feel uncomfortable even asking a question on here. I think it's a good thing that they are thinking about these things.
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  14. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    I've found any time someone outs themselves as being a Cop, the anti-authority people come out of the wood work.

    To address the comment directly though, we're trained to multitask so that we're able to do so at a lower rate of risk then the daily commuter.


    Having to drive with lights and sirens on, while negotiating traffic, red lights, using the handheld microphone on the main channel frequency while also using the in-car radio on the tactical channel and loading a shotgun/rifle all at the same time. It can be done safely, just with lots of training and practice.

    Most drivers can't talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time, let alone relay and receive information from two radio sources in unison.

    It's not that your average cop is smart or better then Joe Citizen, it's just that a heavy part of our profession is training.

    Back on to the point of the initial thread, I stand by my initial statements.

    I have the Motorola Droid and aside from using it as a phone, I use it for all sorts of things, none of which are work related. I had a bad experience using personal electronic property for work related items and won't make that mistake again.
  15. murf43143

    murf43143 Lurker

    Great, now the cops are turning something else I love against me!
  16. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    No such thing is occurring.


    We're tech nerds too.
  17. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Android Expert

    Let's keep this thread clean and on topic please, no need for insults...

    If you don't like the topic, don't comment, it's that simple :D
  18. pal251

    pal251 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First off I love the comment on how the person said look at the little pigs trying to figure it out.

    In response I have a job that does not primarily involve technology or IT in general. Sorry I am not up to speed and if I was I guess I would just write my own little program. :)

    Cops are not better than anyone else out there and they (we) put our pants on one leg at a time. There are tons of cops that have accidents while "multitasking" but compare that to the number of cops driving right now. I am sure if you came up with a formula of multitasking "citizens" which I do not like using that term, vs cops multitasking the "citizens" would have more accidents. I did not want to get into a pissing contest I just wanted a little bit of information. I knew there was software out there for palm pilots that would let you put in field contact information concerning people into it so I didn't know if there was something similar for this.

    Next, I never said I planned on using it while I was driving and we don't have computers in our cars...contrary to CSI and law and Order not all departments are the same. We still use the old radio dispatching.

  19. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Newbie

    You guys don't have a CAD system in the cars?

    I'm in one of the largest departments in the South East and out of 4000+ deputies, with patrol cars forever old, we've had the CAD system for 5+ years.

    I remember having to write down every call on that center console notepad while driving in emergency mode.

    You know that there are several state and federal grants specifically for the CAD system. I recommend inquiring about what your department is doing towards getting them in the vehicles. If you need more info, please PM me, I'll see if I can forward you the Grant information.
  20. boomhower

    boomhower Member

    Dang, you guys are really going to have a fit when you find out we don't have to wear a seatbelt either.... They just passed a law in here than bans while texting while driving but law enforcement is explicitly exempt.

    At any rate OP it is the same here, anything you take on the stand is open to inspection by the defense. So any pictures, contact(including your tipsters), etc. is open to plain view. Use latitude or footprints for your own records but I wouldn't even think about introducing in testimony.

    There are also various GPS software packages you can put on your MDT that will allow you to log a location with notes. They usually run about $80 or so including a GPS USB dongle.
  21. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    Yeah, most states have it in text exempting "emergency response personnel while on official duty" (this is not just LEO, but fire, medical, etc). Cops aren't "above the law" as someone said above, but they are given specific exemption because we can't just pull over, call in for better directions or dispatch clarification/details. There are somethings they cannot say over the radio and need to tell the officer on the phone. Also, officers will collaborate arrival and setup on scene for certain situations (can't be done on radio either). Hope that helps the above better understand.

    To the OP, I'd recommend just getting a nice cheap $50 digital camera instead. I kept one in my trunk.
  22. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Cops hate me, well the local ones that know me, but they wont touch me now. I have onboard cameras in all my vehicles, plus a small handheld digicam with removable memory. Whenever I see them break the law, I report it to a different policing agency, such as sheriffs office or state police, and have them charged. I've gotten several officers fired. I'm hoping more people join me in my efforts of policing the police. If we have to follow the laws, so do police. Now before the officers on here start back-talking, here me out. I know most of you are law-abiding citizens, and great cops. But there are bad cookies who think they can get away with everything and often do for too long. When I was 17 years old a certain officer pulled me over and wrote me 146 tickets in a period of one month because I told him to lick my ......privates. Yeah thats not nice but thats my first amendment right. And I was 17, 17 year olds have done worse. Anyway. I filed a harassment lawsuit, but my lawyer said I needed some type of proof, it was essentially my word against his. So I busted out my handy camcorder, found out when said officer was on shift. And had a friend in another car follow me around while i drove in circles looking for the officer so he would pull me over. Took a while, but sure enough, 3 hours later, (and a tank of gas lol) he pulls me over. I did absolutely NOTHING wrong, I even was wearing my seatbelt. And BAM got him on tape. PERFECT! And I baited him a bit. I told him about the lawsuit and he finally put his foot in his mouth. He said, and I quote, " I'm a f****** cop I can do whatever I want." HA! I won my lawsuit, all charges (tickets) were dropped. Thank god for that. He lost his job. Bastard. Bottom line is, if the government can watch us, we can watch them. Its time to fight back.
  23. osli

    osli Well-Known Member

    About two hours ago I had a cop make a left hand U-turn on red right in front of me with no lights, siren, nothing. Had I not been watching and driving carefully, I would have broadsided him. It was raining, and he didn't give me much time to react.

    I understand that cops have certain duties and responsibilities that require privileges and exceptions that are outside the standard civilian traffic laws, but I do wish when those privileges and exceptions are put into action the general public is made aware through sirens and lights. I've seen too many highway patrols fly past me doing 90+ on the interstate, only to see them pull into the gas station or Wendy's half a mile ahead.
  24. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    You see thats the kind of stuff that I film. I swear if I ever win the lottery cops are going to really hate me. Believe it or not, cops can only break traffic laws if the situation warrants it, i.e. an emergency of some sort. Otherwise, it is illegal, and can be prosecuted.
  25. boomhower

    boomhower Member

    I am aware, I am a cop.
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