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App for Shutting Off problem - Captivate Keep Alive!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bumbleG, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. bumbleG

    bumbleG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There seems to be a solution for the random shut-down problem with Captivate: Captivate Keep Alive app. This was just posted, and it really seems to work! Give it a try. So far I've been up for more than 24 hours without a shut down event.

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  2. brokenbathr

    brokenbathr Lurker

    I just installed it and will see how it goes.

    When the battery charge is above a configurable level, the app disables the CPU from sleeping.
  3. Simba501

    Simba501 Android Enthusiast

    Interesting. Will setting the battery percentage to a low number, negatively affect battery life? Is the CPU actively engaged when this app is doing its job?
  4. Jack45

    Jack45 Android Expert

    It's a possible solution for one of the anomalies that causes shutdowns. CKA was developed in order to address the high charge level that, in some devices, causes a problem. It holds a PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK WakeLock until the battery % is below the threshold you specify. The WakeLock is held by a service that manages the notification and receives the battery percent from a BroadcastReceiver
  5. Jack45

    Jack45 Android Expert

    Yes. The default slider level is, I believe, 80% - above which CKA remains active.
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  6. warrior100

    warrior100 Lurker

    Do I need to start this task whenever I reboot Captivate? I noticed that the after restarting the device the battery icon that CKA uses is not on the top status bar, only when I click on CKA ikon and hit "refresh keep alive" does the icon start showing up. So just wondering if I need to set any properties on this app to automatically start it on reboot. thanks.
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  7. deepoctave

    deepoctave Lurker

    Too bad nobody is paying attention to this. I'd be interested in the answer, too.
  8. I've been using Captivate Keep Alive for the past 6 days now and it works on my phone. Before I installed CKA, my phone was powering off randomly several times a day (I discovered this 2 days after I got the phone.) I have the CKA set at 85%. When I plug in the charger to the phone, the CKA icon disappears. When I disconnect the charger after a full battery charge (as indicated on the phone), the CKA icon reappears and the phone doesn't randomly power off anymore. Here's the interesting thing, though.... When the phone is running on battery only AND I use the clock ALARM function, it still powers off randomly even with CKA running. If I turn off the clock ALARM and keep CKA running, the phone behaves correctly. With CKA running, my phone has been running for 6 days now without powering off on its own except for that one test when I turned on the clock ALARM function. When the phone is plugged in and charging and I use the clock ALARM function, it works fine. How weird is that???

    Oh, just wanted to clarify... 6 days of running flawlessly is of course, plugging it in to charge when the low battery warning came on then unplugging it at 100% charge then letting it slowly go back down to low battery warning. With CKA, the phone while running on fully charged battery doesn't power off on its own anymore. I'm getting about 25 - 30 hours between 100% charge to low battery warning. I don't use my phone as a music player and I don't web surf that much, but I do email and text frequently.
  9. From my observation, if you reboot the phone, you need to reactivate CKA. Mine did not show the icon either until I started CKA manually. Once you do that, the icon comes and goes away automatically depending on the battery level and whether you plug in the charger or not. I haven't found any setting on CKA that tells it to auto-start upon reboot. Did you find it?
  10. Here is a semi-fix. This trick will prevent your phone from shutting down but will decrease battery life somewhat.

    1. Download "Load Monitor" from the Android Market.

    2. Once installed, open the Load Monitor app.

    3. Click on the Menu Button and Select Preferences.

    4. Check the following Items:

    * Add Notification
    * Auto Start
    * Wake Lock
    * Only screen on

    5. Go to "Update interval" and select 5 Minutes.

    6. Although the Auto-start assures the app runs everytime you reboot your phone, if it ever shuts off, start the app manually; though you should haven't to do this step too many times.

    Load Monitor keeps your phone from shutting down by preventing suspend via wake lock setting and by actively monitoring your load, the phone is always doing something. The main reason these phones shut-off is due to the processor going into suspended mode whenever it is not being used much and then it shuts off once it hasn't been used long enough. This trick worked for me, can't guarantee for everyone but a very good chance it will work.

    Please visit, "mysmartphonenews.blogspot.com" to support my blog.

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  11. petermanmj

    petermanmj Lurker

    While Load Monitor will work it'll burn much more battery that Captivate Keep Alive since it never turns off. CKA 1.1 will now startup when the phone turns on too. If you don't like the notification icon in CKA you can get Captivate Keep Alive Pro for a couple bucks and disable it.
  12. Rangerfan

    Rangerfan Lurker

    I've been using CKA for about 4 months now set at 80% and it works almost perfectly. Just a couple of random shutdowns since I installed it vs. every day before that.
  13. estefana

    estefana Member

    This app seems to work for me as long as I have it set to 1%.... my phone will randomly shut off no matter what level the battery is at so that's why I have it set so low. My battery life suffers quite a bit. Last time it lasted 15h 34m... and I barely used the phone, maybe 15 min of Angry Birds and loading a few apps. So all in all it's more of band-aid than a cure. But better than the Load Monitor, which drained my Captivate even more.
  14. eharlan

    eharlan Lurker

    Hello....My captivate has been shutting completely down and I downloaded the Stay Alive App and cleared several other apps that were recently downloaded and PHONE STILL RANDOMLY SHUTS DOWN....not sure what to do. JUST LIVE WITH IT???? HELP:thinking:
  15. trev1011

    trev1011 Newbie

    Has anyone tried to return the phone for a new one or contact their provider or samsung? This just started to happen to me today. Shut off twice for no reason. Not while I'm using it though only when sleep. I just started to listen to podcast about a week ago, 2 hours a day. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  16. gweff

    gweff Newbie

    My wife told me that her phone was shutting off about every other day 1 week after our 1 year warranty. She thought that was normal! Of course ATT wouldn't do anything for me and I tried the CKA and it didn't do anything but drain the heck out of the battery. Wife now suddenly unhappy with her phone. I applied the instructions below and no more random shut-off and battery drop is not that bad. She can go a day and half with normal use without a charge. Thanks. Will try to extend the time to 6 mins next to see if it starts shutting off again.


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