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[APP][FREE][4.0+] LT Profiles Free

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ala_studios, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Jan 15, 2014

    Jan 15, 2014
    Hi All,

    I'd like to announce my app, LT Profiles Free, that was released on Google Play yesterday. It is a (yet another) app for setup up profiles that allow for automating of actions & functionality on your phone. I have compiled a basic FAQ below to give some background on the app. Hopefully some of you give it a try and like it. Feel free to ask any questions here or email me at the dev email link on Google Play.

    Link: Unfortunately, I can't post a link yet. Search for LT Profiles on Google Play and you should see it in the first listings.

    Q&A with myself:

    Q: LT Profiles, eh? So what does it do?

    LT Profiles allows you to setup profiles to automate actions on your phone based on specific triggers. There are a options for turning settings on and off (Switches), volumes (Sliders), starting applications (Apps), sending multiple SMS (SMS), and for controlling other profiles (Profiles). The standard trigger options are available: On-Click, Time, Day, Calendar, Event, Location and certain combinations with a time constraint. The user can set a trigger to start (turn on) profiles and stop (flip state) profiles. It also includes a nice widget that will give you direct access to all your profiles in one view, rather than just a single shortcut on your home-screen. There are some nice settings, such as being notified by dictation when a profile starts or stops or setting default actions for profiles to use rather than flipping state back.

    Q: Wow, yet another profile/automation/Tasker type app. Booooooooring!

    A: Yes, there does seem to be a plethora of such apps on the market. However, I am also attempting to target a specific market, that being the regular commuter. Setting up a profile in LT Profiles gives you the ability to specify a trigger that starts and stops the selected actions. For example, Bluetooth would be turned on when the start trigger activates (you get in the car). However, on the stop trigger (you arrive at work), Bluetooth will be turned off automatically, all setup in the one profile.

    Q: Yes, that seems pretty useful and well-thought out. But we can already do that with other apps, can't we?

    A: Probably, but I'm not sure if they are as straight-forward and clear to use, but that is down to personal opinion. I think the majority of the functionality and the layout of the options should make it easy for new users to pick up and get going. I have some more commuter-specific ideas too, and they will arrive as I find some spare time to work on them.

    Q: So if it is so good, why sell so cheap?

    A: Note that I never set out to compete against mainstays such as Tasker; I am aiming for a completely different price-point: FREE to really, really cheap. I would take more from people downloading and using the app, than making money from it although the extra money would be nice! :) The level of finish of certain components of my app may not be to the same level as others, but for FREE I don't think you could ask for more.

    Q: But ads? Why o' why!?

    A: I actually don't mind the ads! I have integrated AdMob and AdBuddiz and both seem to blend well with the app. I am particularly impressed with AdBuddiz. Whether I make any money from them is to be seen, but hey I've got to at least try!

    Q: So how is the user base looking? :)

    A: Amazing! There is me and a few others who I don't know using it, but it is being used. Result! In the end, I love it and I use it everyday during my own commutes. This is probably the strongest thing going for the app. If there is something I think is missing, I will stick it in ASAP as I'll want to use it myself. Likewise, if I find any bugs, I'll fix them quick as I am routinely using the app for my own purposes.

    Q: So finally, can you give us some background on the app development?

    A: Essentially, this has been a hobby for me that I started working on middle of last year in my spare time (odd nights and weekends), which to be fair I don't have much of. It has been my first major dive into Android development and I've really enjoyed it. I've found working on an app such as LT Profiles that aims to interact with lots of Android lib components is a really good way to get an understanding of how the eco-system works and what it contains. I can now start to think of my bigger projects and plan them out. Whether I can find the time to execute them is another thing though.

    Thanks for your time! :-0)


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