[APP][FREE] Augment : Visualize objects in Augmented Reality


Hello, I would like to present you my app : Augment.

Augment is a toolbox allowing you to generate textured 3d models on the fly and visualize them in a real environment using a marker (a letter format printed sheet of paper). Have a look at this video, it summarize pretty well how you can use Augment :
Augmented Reality on Android, the ultimate toolkit : Augment - YouTube

The goal of Augment is to let anyone test objects, posters, paintings at home before buying them online. It gives an accurate preview of the size and aspect of a product. The Object is approximated with a cube since most of the time you will only have the height, width and depth. You can also map textures on the Cube to create a photo-realistic effect. Then the Cubes can be shared and will appear in a gallery so that anyone can view them.

You can give it a try, it