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[APP][FREE] D&M Quotes

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by somealias, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Deep and Meaningful (D&M) Quotes contains 1000+ handpicked quotations on life, wisdom, purpose, dreams, motivation, happiness, friendship, love and many other topics.

    Reading quotes from remarkable people of different walks of life, allows one to gain insights from their life experiences on many topics.

    Google Play Link.


    I enjoy reading quotes and have tried numerous existing quote apps. I was unable to find an app with all the features I wanted, so I develop my own. It's my first app so I'd like to share it with all :)

    I've implemented features to improve on other Android quote apps I used. i.e. I've listed features that might not sound impressive (e.g. swipe navigation) but surprisingly, I have only come across one other app that provides this feature. I've also put in a bit of thought its design since I use the app as well.

    1. Fast and native Android user interface
    2. Swipe navigation for browsing quotes
    3. Unread quotes list
    4. Favourites list
    5. Backup and restore unread list / favourites
    6. Search quotes
    7. Share quotes
    8. Shuffle order that quotes are shown
    9. 1000+ handpicked quotes - quality checked for spelling/grammar mistakes + misattributions
    10. Offline mode

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