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[APP][FREE] Daily Tips - easy way to know more than 500 useful lifehacks

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by savemydinner, Jun 28, 2013.

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    Hi dear users,

    I'm apprentice developer from Russia and i'm very glad to introduce my first application "Daily Tips".
    In this app I've tried to solve common issue of similar apps: bad or missing design and poor amount of useful tips. In other words, I've created a simple light design with cool thematic photos and added more than 500 tips.


    So if you trying every possible way to optimize any action, whether it is work, cooking or just random life situations, then I believe that "Daily Tips" app will help you!


    In this application you will find more than 500 tips, hints and lifehacks for the most urgent situations in life, relationships, work, personal style, cooking and household chores. The best advices in a beautiful design are carefully selected and arranged in one place specially for you.

    4 categories of tips:
    - Cooking
    - Lifestyle
    - Work
    - Home

    2 languages (depends from device locale):
    - English
    - Russian

    Each advice tip is equipped with a description and thematic photo. You can also share the tip with Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

    Please feel free to communicate with me and download the app in Google Play:

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