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[APP][Free] Gestos (Gestures)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Imaxinacion, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Speed and fluency as performing actions on our devices, play an
    important role. Gestures is born of those needs providing the users the
    facility to access to different functions by drawing a simple gesture on the
    Gestures has its own lock screen, which is optional. This provides a huge
    speed performing any action, with no need to unlock the device.

    Gestures allows us to:
    - Call a contact.
    - Run an application.
    - Enable / Disable: Wifi, Bluetooth, Sound, GPS, Airplane Mode
    - Access to a Website.
    - Run system options.
    - Lock / Unlock Device
    - Access multimedia functions: Camera, Gallery

    As far as configuration is concerned, Gestures can:

    - Be activated by double touch on the home screen.
    - Lock screen gestures sensitive alternative.
    - Permanent Notification toggling the floating button (overlay)
    - Adjust the sensitivity.
    - Position the floating button

    The steps are three:

    1. Locate the desired option from the menu and access it.
    2. Press the option and draw a gesture. (Once saved it appears in
    your list).
    3. Access to the gestures processor by the overlay, the double
    touch option on the screen (home) or the lock screen, drawing the
    gesture right there.


    Google Play link: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imaxinacion.gestos&feature=search_result&hl=en_GB

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