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[APP][FREE] Images for Whatsapp

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by leomark, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. leomark

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  2. leomark

    leomark Newbie
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    Here is the revolution of the images for Whatsapp. Get get on your mobile the most funny images and icons for Whatsapp , Facebook etc... Edit them and make memes as you wish with Images for Whatsapp. Download it free. Thanks to our update system, you can get new images without having to go searching internet.
    With Images for Whatsapp you will have a new feature: an icon in the whatsapp to send images from the gallery of Images for Whatsapp.
    Enjoy our different categories:
    - Smileys, watch on your mobile the most fun emoticons for whatsapp.
    - Memes, use memes or create yours thanks to the built-in text editor.
    - Faces, the funniest faces to show emotions, surprise, fear, laughter...
    - Animals, the funniest animals to draw a smile to your contacts...
    - Browser, browse your mobile gallery and add text to your images or take them out directly with your camera.
    You can configure if you want to see the shortcut icon on your whatsapp or not, also the amount of images in each category and the system will always display the latest downloaded discarding the older.
    Revolution arrives: Images for Whatsapp.
  3. leomark

    leomark Newbie
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    Do you have a freak friend and want to put a special ringtone on your mobile when he call?
    We present Freak Ringtones, enjoy the funniest mobile ringtones you may have.
    You will have ringtones of all kinds from sea maid sounds to funny quotes that make you smile.Tired of the typical whistle notifications sound?
    Put the Woody Woodpecker sound or a burp.
    And why not let your mobile talk when someone call you, to tell you how ******* sexy you are.
  4. leomark

    leomark Newbie
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    Hide your face and the faces of your loved ones in images and videos.
    Hide faces in pictures and videos to preserve discretion. With Hide Faces you can share images, photos and videos preserving your privacy. This completely easy app is able to recognize faces or with a single tap you can select the area you want pixelated.
    Ideal for those who want to send a picture of him with hidden face.
    Different ways to hide your face from pixelated to completely removing or putting on a mask.
    You can share your photo and image in different social networks or save to your phone.
    Hide faces also removes image data of the photographer and the camera, something very important and that people are not given importance, every image contains data such as the date or the camera that is performed the image.
  5. leomark

    leomark Newbie
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    Search head lice
    Tired of continuing lice infestations?
    Doctor Mark with several engineers locked in the android kitchen in search of the perfect solution, the search lice!
    Thanks to Android technology, you can move the camera in the hair and find those unwanted critters that populate the heads. Discover the different races and have fun showing it once discovered.

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