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[App] [Free] MultiTimer Zero

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Zetapps, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Zetapps

    Zetapps Lurker
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    Blue X - Jump and Run Shooter with RPG Elements

    Play as male or female "Blue X" with different skills and get more power, skills and weapons during your adventure on the unknown planet. Fight through 14 stages and bosses to collect enough energy crystals to get the power of the cryo chambers back online and safe your species.

    This Game features unique sound and gameplay!

    - Level up system
    - Unlock new skills
    - 2 different playable characters
    - Online highscore tables
    - Cross-platform score attack
    - Realtime score comparison
    - Upgradable Weapons
    - Damage system, critical hits
    - Flamethrower, grenades and lasers
    - Transform into gravball to roll and fly
    - Change gravity and hold on walls
    - Reflect enemy bullets with different shields
    - Learn to use heals, lifeleech and special powers
    - Time attack
    - InGame Itemshop
    - 14 stages and bossfights
    - Play online or offline (score comparison)

    - Blue X Zero is a free Version to test the first chapter of Blue X -

    now on Google Play

    Blue X (full version)

    Blue X Zero (free Trial version)

    Website: ZET GAMES & TOOLS

    contact: zet@s1ze.ch

    If you like to Play this Game on PC,
    Support Blue X on Steam Greenlight

    Gameplay Video Trailer
    Blue X Trailer 3 - YouTube





    Thanks for reading. Feedback is very welcome :)

    cheers, Zet


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  2. Zetapps

    Zetapps Lurker
    Thread Starter

    cmon, no comments? :) Feedback is very welcome. Blue X and Blue X Zero are now available for all mobile devices.

    cheers Zet
  3. Zetapps

    Zetapps Lurker
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    Dear Community

    My new Prank App is out now on GooglePlay. Shocker Zero and the Ad Free Version Shocker X are virtual electro shockers, tazer, stun gun to have fun with. You can adjust the Volume and select 3 different shocker sounds. There is a BOOST function wich can be combined with any Sound adding additional electricity sounds. The Sounds are extreme loud. I hope you enjoy :)

    Cheers Zet

    Google Play Link:

  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

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  5. Zetapps

    Zetapps Lurker
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    Dear Android Users

    My new App "MultiTimer" and "MultiTimer Zero" is out now on google play.
    It's a 6x asynchronous auto-looping stopwatch and one additional overall timer with selectable alarm sounds for each timer. It's perfect for workouts, mmorpgs, kitchen and a lot more. There are a lot of special functions: Freeze (All 6+1 Timer), Restore, Mute, Round (.00) and Disable. There are endless possibilities to use the multitimer. Feedback is very welcome. I hope you enjoy.

    Cheers Zet

    Google Play Link:



  6. Zetapps

    Zetapps Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all!

    Today i released my new 100% indie game "Wing Zero". It's a easy to control, upscrollig bullet hell shooter mixed with a lot new elements like level ups, damage system, 100 points skilltree and a special overload function. Mix them with classic elements like, infight items, endless weapons, firemodes, drones and power up your wing the way you like to play.

    I am working on a 2 player coop, it should be ready for release next month.

    I hope you enjoy!


    Gameplay Trailer:
    Wing Zero - Official Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

    GooglePlay URL:

    Bullet Hell Power Up Shooter mixed with RPG elements. Wing Zero features Level Up & Damage Systems, 1 Finger Touch Controls, unlockable Weapons, Skills, Screen FX and more. You have 3 different Wings to select with a 100 point Skilltree to maximize damage, speed, durability and firemodes of each weapon. Change Wing Shield and Bullet Mode during the fight to absorb and force critical hits. Absorb enough Bullets to Overload weapons for special attacks. Fight your enemies with upgradable Plasma Guns, Lasers, Rockets, Mines and more in this epic air - land - sea battles. Wing Zero reminds to old classics like 1942, Truxton or Raptor and features mobile game optimized graphics and controls.

    - Air - Land - Sea Battles
    - Huge double Power Up System
    - EXP & Level Up System
    - 100 Point Skilltree
    - Save & Load function
    - Critical Hits
    - PowerUps and Heals
    - Change Fire and Color Mode
    - Absorb Bullets of the same color
    - Overcharge function
    - Control different Drones
    - challenging Bossfights
    - easy controls
    - more than 20 different enemy types


    Feedback and Support is very welcome. I hope you enjoy

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