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[APP][FREE][PAID][SOCIAL] Happy Birthday - Parab

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by JoaoMarcoS, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
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    Hi there!

    I just finished the development of the 1.03 version of an app which i believe that can be useful for you all! It's an automatic birthday reminder and message sender!

    I know there are similar apps, but this one has a complete version that has an intesting difference. It sends, automatically, SMS and email messages to people! The user can set a default message or a custom message to any of the contacts!

    The app has the following settings/functionalities:
    - Birthday people listing ordering by remaining days or name
    - Notification on the person's birhtday
    - Antecipated notification (the amount of days is set by the user)
    - Time for the notification/checking/sending
    - Notification sound
    - Facebook contacts importing
    - Automatic sending of SMS and/or email (complete version only)
    - Default text for email/SMS (complete version only)
    - Email account configuration (complete version only)
    - Email test (complete version only)
    - Database cleaning
    - Database backup and restore

    Get the free version and have fun! Any suggestions will be welcome!


    Version 1.03 (Android 3.0+) free

    Version 1.03 (Android 3.0+) full - with automatic sending

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  2. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    New version 1.04!

    - Contains some user interface adjustments, useful for smaller screens.
  3. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    New version 1.05!

    Happy Birthday - Parab
  4. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
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  5. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Version 1.07
    - Bug fixes
    - Credits were added in the app information screen due to the use of third party libraries
    - General adjustments
  6. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
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  7. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks to all the people who downloaded and rated the app.

    Here is the new version

    Version 1.10
    - Rate this app link added
    - Context menu added on the birthday people listing
    - The Facebook importing process now shows the number of contacts that will be imported
    - Vibration notification
    - Bug fixes

  8. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
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    Hi guys!

    I just developed another app and I'd like to share with you and ask for your help again.

    The app is called Love everyday.

    This app was made for everybody who loves a special person.

    If you're trying to win a person you love back, but, for some reason, you lost her or him, so Love everyday may help you!

    If you're not trying to win someone back, maybe you're in the following situations:

    You're interested in someone, but don't know what to do to win the beloved one?

    Or you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and feel you could do something to improve your relationship?

    Or you're married and believe you could do something to bring back the first moments passion?

    This app will guide you everyday through guides made for winning or winning the loved one back. Different guides can be chosen, depending on your objectives.

    Choose on of the following:

    - Winning the beloved one back - this one is for everybody who wants to reconcile with the loved one, for people who wish to rebuild their marriage which seems to be lost, or yet people who feel the spouse don't love them anymore and wish to show how their spouses are important to them.

    - Winning the loved one - for those people who are interested in some special person, but don't have any romantic involvement with him or her, friend or not.

    - Improve dating - for couples that feel that the relationship is not going well or for those who wish to improve their relationships and don't know what to do.

    - Bring more life to marriage - for married couples who love each other, but feel that routine is disturbing the relationship and wish to change the attitudes to bring the first moments passion back.

    Win your loved one back! Win your loved one! Bring more life to your relationship! With Love everyday, your relationship will surely be improved!


    - You can follow more than one guide at the same time
    - Homescreen Widget with the day tip for the main guide
    - Tip time may be configured
    - Different guides for men and women
    - You can restart a currently running guide

    Free version:

    Full version:

  9. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    New version 1.06!

    - New achievements system!
    Receive points for every tip you see. When you have enough points, special tips and more will be available!

  10. JoaoMarcoS

    JoaoMarcoS Newbie
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