Dec 11, 2013
Do you always forget your passwords? For sites, games, bank cards, emails, programs? Do you need fast and powerful application that can help you to remember it? This application for you! You do not need to remember all these passwords anymore. It stores data in encrypted view in your phone, so nobody can steal it. All information is encoded with using strong private key so, if someone stole it, he would understand nothing. With this application you can store your data, edit, delete and add it with no difficulties.

Main functionality:
Storing passwords, pin codes, logins and notes.
Storing all data in encrypted view.
Grouping data for easy use.
Possibility for export/import data. All data is exported also in encrypted view. There is no opportunity to understand it.
Convenient search through all groups.
You can change master password for application.
Block application after minimization.

To start using it you have to create your own password for application. And then use it for enter the application.


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