[APP][FREE]Swipe to configure- using just swipes, change brightness, WiFi,etc

Lets say you're watching a video(in full screen). You feel the brightness isn't well adjusted. What if you could adjust the brightness with just a swipe instead of going through the hassle of closing the video, and then opening settings.
This app lets you do that.

Swipe-In is a useful tool with which you can change different settings on your phone with just a swipe on the screen.
Unleash the power of swipes to change settings in a hassle-free way.

Another example. Consider you're playing a game in full screen while listening to music. To change a song you would have to exit the game and open the music player app. There's an alternative. You can just swipe to bring the music player widget on screen. Change the song, remove the widget and carry on with your game.

To begin ,simply create a hotspot, select a type and begin swiping. The hotspots can be positioned at any edge.It can also be made invisible so that they do not block the view. Please make sure to read help before you begin using it.
The current version supports the following settings:
2.Ringer volume
3.Music volume
4.In-Call volume
6.WiFi Hotspot
8.Airplane mode
9.Data network
11.A launcher that shows apps you select, or recent apps.
12.Place widgets on screen(movable,re-sizable and removable)
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It's hard to tell from the screenshots, is this like Appsi or floating stickies where you kind of pin your things wherever you want and then slide them out?

pretty neat.


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This is quite different from Appsi or floating stickies.
The main intention here is to quickly change any setting. For eg. just one swipe, and WiFi is on. One swipe to call a widget on screen. And so on,