App has Stopped

Recently, I noticed that an application has been turning on my wifi without my permission and draining my battery; so to correct this I went in and disabled lots of "Apps that can change system settings" .... under settings...apps...selected apps...
Now as a direct result I am am receiving a message for Messages and Visual Voicemail that stats "Messages has stopped" or "Visual Voicemail has stopped" could someone tell me please what app permission I MUST turn back on to resolve this.

And no I have no wish to perform a factory reset on this phone THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

LD Galaxy S7 Active

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I have discovered that CHROME is the failure and by denying access it causes Message(default installed app) and Visual Voicemail as well as other default apps in the phone to no longer function... Yet another reason to hate chrome. Thank You for your attempt to assist me.