Help App Home Screen Lag


I seem to be having an issue with placing apps on home screens.
When holding and pressing down on screen and then hitting shortcuts and then applications seems to take a long time to bring them up could this just be a loading and organizing lag or another issue, at times can take up to 10sec never had this problem with my incredible.


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Are you using the stock interface (TouchWiz) ? If so that's your problem. Samsungs TW has always sucked pretty badly. Though i hear the newest version 4.0 isn't to bad. Who knows if it will ever make it on the Charge though.

Assuming your using a stock interface time to ditch it for something better. Download Home Switcher and Go Launcher EX. Next delete all apps, widgets and then any empty screens on the TW interface. Then install Home Switcher and Go Launcher EX. Set Go Launcher as your default launcher and you should be good to go.

No more lagg etc. Just be sure to delete everything off the TW launcher before you switch to Go Launcher otherwise your phone is going to be running two launchers with apps at the same time (causes lagg and battery drain). Home Switcher allows you to bounce between the two launchers with a push of a button.

Side note i would also recommend getting a new browser too such as Dolphin HD. Nothing wrong with the stock browser really but Dolphin is just a lot nicer with more functions imo.