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Jul 24, 2022

I'm a Virtual Assistant for a company that creates apps for churches mostly.
We have a few apps on the Play Store, their icons there look great, but once you download them, their icons display as a perfect square once they're installed on a smartphone, but the icon on the Play store has rounded corners.

I've reached to our support team but they suggested redesigning the icon and adding rounded corners, which basically is not what Google's guidelines states.
I reached out to Google as well (see attached), then they suggested using Android forums for design help.

We have followed Google's design guidelines but still doesn't work.

It's been already tested on different devices: Galaxy note 20 - Galaxy s21+ - Galaxy tablet 5 - Galaxy note 8 - Galaxy A03s - Motorola E6 Play

I even tried downloading a different App icon pack from the Samsung Galaxy Store and it was the same (for a Samsung A03s).

We know that there are apps or different Android devices that let you modify the aspect of the app icon itself, but we just want to have these apps displaying their app icon with rounded corners once you install them as default, like any of the rest of the apps you can download from the Play Store.

Not a developer here. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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I'm no developer but icon shape is determined by the host device's settings, that being an installed launcher, theme, etc...
So technically, there is no default shape once your app is installed.
Maybe I'm off base but that's my opinion.
Do you have links to your apps?
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Try looking for (and then adjusting) the setting in developer options.

Some newer devices have this near the bottom of these settings.
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