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App Icon Square Backgrounds

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by btennis921, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. btennis921

    btennis921 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    On my Samsung Infuse running Android 2.2, when I click applications, I see all of my application icons, and each icon has a colored square background. When I add application shortcuts/widgets to my home screen, however, the icons remain the same but lose the colorful square backgrounds.

    I would REALLY like to stop the icons from losing their colorful square backgrounds when adding them to my home screen...Please help!

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert

    Those are backgrounds are Launcher Icons .You will have to create your own icons by merging the default Icons and Launcher ones.:)
  3. btennis921

    btennis921 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    And how exactly do I do that? I'd really like those exact icons! (the ones with the square colored backgrounds described above)
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert

    Well extract TouchWiz30Launcher.apk in ur SD card.
    It lies in folder /system/app
    Extract it using 7zip
    All the "backgrounds" are in /res/drawable-ldpi
    having file names mainmenu_icon_****_bg.png
    **** are different names
    Fire up GIMP and superimpose icons you want on backgound you want.

    For TouchWiz Launcher

    Rename the icon created as icon.png
    Extract the app you want to change the icon
    open the apk using 7zip
    Navigate to /res/drawable folder drag and replace icon.png
    close 7zip.
    relace the app in
    /system/app folder
    restart touchwiz

    For ADW launcher

    Copy Icon in any folder in sd card
    On the screen long press the icon ,press edit and
    select the icon you want to change from SD card. :D

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