App idea

I think there is a need for an app that would notify a select group of your location and status with a verbal command. You pick the group and you pick the command. You can have multiple groups and commands. Google already will look up things for me with a verbal command, so it shouldn't be a stretch for an app to do the above? I think this would be a very useful app for personal security. I don't write apps, I just do theory work. Anyone app writers out there who could do something with this?

Thanks for the positive feedback. Feel free to forward to someone who could do something with this. I'm actually not looking for anything for myself, I just like to see tech solve real world problems. I did see someone came up with part of this idea in the past year, but have not seen anything about this since then. Actually, I posted this 4 years ago and was told it was not possible at that time. I think it is possible now, just a few thousand lines of code between this idea and greater personal safety. I was thinking of calling the groups "Hives" for what it's worth. Just like colonies of bees, you would only be one phrase away from any of your select hives.

The reason for a phrase is to reduce the chance of mistakenly sending an alert. I might mistakenly say "mouse" someday, but I would only say "succulent mouse" if I wanted to send an alert to my close friends that I am walking home from the bar alone at 2 am and I am afraid. [This scenario pure fabrication by the way. At 2 am I am fast asleep.] The users can use their imagination, or better yet, one part of this app can auto-generate phrases they could use. Word combinations that are not commonly used together like: Green Jupiter, Cow gloves, Ground Bats, etc. Words that are less likely to be misheard by the receiver. You could even add a challenge response like, "Did you just say Green Jupiter?" An answer of "Yes" would send the alert to the group you associated with that phrase. This makes it almost impossible for anyone to know what you are doing and should eliminate the possibility of an accidental alert going out. The people in your hives would likely want you in their hives also. Sort of like an extension of your social network.