Apr 20, 2012
I have searched for this for a while now and have not found what I was looking for (if something like this even exists). Is there an SDK of some sort or a package program that would basically give a place on a server for a database and a membership system that is easily integrated into a android app I am developing? Something that would connect the users in my app like they do in instagram, or words with friends, or pretty much any other multiplayer game. (i am not looking for a facebook connect, or a twitter connect. just something that connects just my app together so to speak)

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't believe that something like this already exists, though it seems like a good idea --
whether it be implemented as an open source library, providing the architecture and APIs, but leaving the server and database requirements up to the devs themselves, or as a full service that provides everything, including server space and databsaes to the devs for a fee.

You might consider posting a thread for this in the apps request section. You might find someone willing to take on the task. In fact, the former approach would be fairly easy to implement. If I had the time, I would definitely take it on.