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App needed for pdf sheet music to midi keyboard (ipad examples)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by lanco, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. lanco

    lanco Newbie
    Thread Starter


    There is a need for an app for android tablets for pdf sheet music and to have it hooked up to a midi keyboard (Yamaha Tyros 4 arranger keyboard in my case) where you can either choose the pdf sheet music and it sets up the keyboard at the same time, and to have the keyboard control the tablet, as in choose a registration/preset on the keyboard and have it bring up the pdf sheet music.

    ipad has these apps which are very popular but I don't believe it's necessary to spend on an ipad when I'm thinking this can be done on a much cheaper 10" android where it would work even on the older tablets.

    If I remember correctly I contacted the two authors of the ipad apps that I'm going to mention here and neither of them had an interest in doing their app for android. One was kind of interested in doing it for Windows.

    The most popular one is called unreal book. Here is a link for that:


    Here is a link from a keyboard forum that has a video that shows how he uses the ipad to setup his keyboard:


    Here is the link for Songbook+ another one that some are using:


    Here is a link where a Yamaha arranger keyboard is being used to control the ipad:

    Displaying sheet music on iPad connected to Yamaha keyboard - YouTube

    Here is a forum for using Songbook+ with the author and users tweaking the program and how it can work:

    SongbookPlus : Songbook Plus

    The other thing that I know is good on the unreal book app is that you can set up songlists.

    I am currently using an old laptop laying on it's side and it's an easy matter to manually pick a pdf file as you can see a bunch of titles.

    I tried to keep this as basic as I could, I'm hoping that this can be addressed for a growing number of keyboard/midi musicians that want to use these features.

    Thank you for your consideration.


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  2. llatch

    llatch Well-Known Member

    This app would have to be written by someone who has all the hardware to test it. Plus it takes a certain level of Android(3.0 I think) before usb host mode is available. If I had a MIDI keyboard, I would enjoy interfacing it with an Android. Good luck!
  3. llatch

    llatch Well-Known Member

    Strange grammar got you down? Bot or copy pasta, there is a solution! It's called proofreading!

    Please pretend I posted this very message on all of Anastasiya's posts that looks like they didn't read the thread.

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